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Enrollment Verifications

Students with a financial hold will not be able to have verifications completed. Please email with any questions

Student Requested Enrollment Verifications

To request your own enrollment verification you can do one of the following:

Send us an email from your MCCC email with your student ID requesting the verification

Stop by the one stop and request one in person.


Employer Requested Enrollment Verifications

All verification requests should come through our partner company, National Student Clearinghouse. If you have not already, please visit the website and create your account at:

Please note that enrollment verifications for the current semester will not be completed until after the add drop deadline has passed.


Child support verifications

To request a child support verification, you will need to come to the one stop on the West Windsor Campus of MCCC with a government issued photo ID (ex. Driver's License) and fill out a Child Support Verification Request Form, and set up an appointment to pick up your letter.

When you return to pick up your letter, please bring a Photo ID with you so we can verify who is picking up the verification. You will be allowed to read the letter before you depart to ensure that everything is listed in the way that it needs to be.

This will need to be done EVERY semester. Please contact us via email if you have any questions.


Common App and College Reports

Students who are looking to transfer out of MCCC will likely end up using the common application to be admitted to their next college. This will likely ask for the prior schools to fill out a "college transfer report" based off of the students time at their institution.

To have this form filled out by MCCC, please stop by the OneStop and drop off a paper copy of your form and give us information on where to send it OR email with the same information.