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The College Voice Student Newspaper

Print editions of The College Voice are typically published three times each semester by the students of Mercer County Community College. The organization additionally maintains a College Voice website.

Contact The College Voice at (609) 570-3852 (faculty advisor).

The College Voice seeks editors, writers, reporters, copy editors, layout designers, photographers and other students who have talents and skills to offer. To volunteer, or for further details, contact the newspaper by email at or phone 609-570-3852.

The College Voice encourages letters, articles and photographs from students not associated with The College Voice; all submissions become the property of The College Voice. Classified ads, 25 words or less, are free to the campus community.

The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject or edit any material on the basis of length, taste, suitability, or clarity. The opinions expressed on the pages of The College Voice are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the opinion of the college Board of Trustees, the Administration, or the The College Voice Editorial Board.