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State Funded Training

The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) is a county-based training-to-work program that funds up to one year of study and preparation for immediate employment.

Approval for participation must be initiated through your county One-Stop office. For further information, call the Mercer County One-Stop Office Office of Training and Employment Services at (609) 989-6523.

Accepted participants may train in one approved credit or noncredit certificate program for one year (up to $4,000 in cost) in order to prepare for a demand occupation. Participants also undergo employment skills training.

Typical programs of current and previous participants are:


Computer Networking
Graphic Design
Architectural and Building
Construction Technology
Professional Baking
Professional Cooking
Office Systems Technology


Baking Technician
Culinary Technician
Environmental Tech
Food Service Technician
Microsoft Office Certificate
Office Automation
Office Software Applications

If an existing certificate program does not exist, an individualized certificate may be devised, depending on a participant's past experience, education and employment interests.

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