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Faculty & Staff Directory

JK = James Kerney Campus
WW = West Windsor Campus

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THEN ext. below
Adams, Crystal   3819 Math, Science, Health Professions
Agliata, Rafael   3138 Community Education and Training - JK
Ahmad, Iqra   3179 Library Services - JK
Aldajuste, Geralda   3866 Business, Technology, Professional Studies
Alequin, Michele   3118 Advising Center
Allison, Desiree   3322 Math, Science, Health Professions
Anderson, Elizabeth (Dr.)   3477 Institutional Effectiveness
Anderson, Kyle   3359 Math, Science, Health Professions
Andrejcik, Raymond   3219 Office Services / Warehouse
Arana, Noam   3785 OneStop Center - WWC
Armour, Guy   3853 Business, Technology, Professional Studies
Ashford Ligon, Latonya (Dr.)   3171 Student Experience and Community Outreach - JK
Avery-Natale, Edward (Dr.)   3339 Liberal Arts


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THEN ext. below
Badawy, Fatma   3179 Library Services - JK
Baldwin, Joseph   3175 College Safety - JK
Bambhrolia, Savita   3304 Academic Affairs - Partnerships
Banyacski, Mark   3229 Finance
Barbu, Marinela   3753 Information Technology Services
Bash, Andrea   3122 Center for Continuing Studies
Bauer-Sinicin, Amy   3441 Business, Technology, Professional Studies
Becker-Moses, Alison   3808 Math, Science, Health Professions
Bednarek, Marke   3523 Facilities and Maintenance
Beinert, Holly   3478 Math, Science, Health Professions
Benowitz, Frank   3579, 3203 Business, Technology, Professional Studies
Bessellieu, Amy   3581 Kelsey Theatre
Bianco, Richard   3443 Information Technology Services
Bittner, Harry   3751 Business, Technology, Professional Studies
Bledsoe, Floyd   3706 Information Technology Services
Blinderman, Laura   3833 Math, Science, Health Professions
Bogdan, Jonathan   3510 Facilities and Maintenance - WW
Bogdziewicz, Lisa   3224 Admissions
Bolden, Barbara   3561 Library Services
Bork, Carol (Dr.)   3890 Liberal Arts
Bowman, Diamond   3195 Educational Opportunity Fund
Bowman, Robert   3510 Facilities and Maintenance - WW
Bragg, Carnie   3590 Facilities and Maintenance
Braxton-Werts, Whitney   3338 OneStop Center - WWC
Brokaw, Bryan   3503 College Safety - WW
Brown, Alyssa   3131 VIP 21st Century Schools - JK
Brown, Peggy   3177 Educational Talent Search - JK
Brown-Joseph, Lucia   3404 Finance
Bullock, Natasha   3160 James Kerney Campus
Burnett, Shana   3423 Educational Opportunity Fund
Byrd, Laura   3243 Human Resources


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THEN ext. below
Cahill-Wetzel, Erin   3742 Athletics, Fitness & Recreation
Calandro, Daniel   3550 Library Services
Caluori, Bettina (Dr.)   3595 Liberal Arts
Camacho, Lisa (Dr.)   3379 Math, Science, Health Professions
Canter, Mitchell   3755 Liberal Arts
Cao, Ha Nguyen   3263 Finance
Capra, Theresa (Dr.)   3854 Business, Technology, Professional Studies
Carella, Fred   3701 Athletics, Fitness & Recreation
Carmien, Edward (Dr.)   3306 Liberal Arts
Carnevale, Katie (Dr.)   3454 Liberal Arts
Carpino, Marcia   3725 WWFM The Classical Network
Carr, Elizabeth   3409 Math, Science, Health Professions
Carranza, Jose   3175 College Safety - JK
Carter, Jared   3622 Information Technology Services
Carter, Marvin   3407 Human Resources
Catalfomo, Sarmite   3837 Math, Science, Health Professions
Chovan-Dalton, Michael   3835 Liberal Arts
Chyzik, William   (609) 799-3245 Business, Technology, Professional Studies
Claffey, Joseph   3661 Government and Community Relations
Clark, Aminta   3119 Advising Center
Clark, Moniquea   3156 GEAR UP
Coenen, Craig (Dr.)   3533 Liberal Arts
Collins, Amy   3299 Testing Center - WWC
Comfort, Morgan     Athletics, Fitness & Recreation
Conley, Tonia Perry (Dr.)   3621 Ombuds Office
Conserve, Jenjenio   3502 Facilities and Maintenance - WW
Cook, Dawn   3868 Math, Science, Health Professions
Cooley, Cavit   3625, 3125 Business, Technology, Professional Studies
Cooper, Jeffery   3235 Student Records
Cordasco, Rachel   3321 Math, Science, Health Professions
Cornely, Eszveidy   3135 Community Education and Training - JK
Cortes, Rafael   3648 Information Technology Services
Cowell, Michael   3502 Facilities and Maintenance - WW
Cruz, Luis   3502 Facilities and Maintenance - WW
Cruz-Cullari, Christopher (Dr.)   3829 Liberal Arts
Csige, Eva   3459 Business, Technology, Professional Studies
Cuccia, Dominic   3663 Information Technology Services


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  dial 609-570-
THEN ext. below
D'Arpa, Daniel (Dr.)   3318 Liberal Arts
Dalce, Widmarc   3746 Ombuds Office
Daley, Michael   3472 Business, Technology, Professional Studies
Darling, Quinten   3616 Development & Alumni Relations
DaRocha, Elisete   3672 Center for Continuing Studies
De Los Santos, Jennifer   3656 Division of Lifelong Learning; Innovation,
Online Education and Student Success
DeAngelis, Michael   3758 Math, Science, Health Professions
DeBonis, Kara   3383 Math, Science, Health Professions
Deboskey, Eric   3503 College Safety - WW
Dello Iacono, Alberto   3503 College Safety - WW
DelValle, Rosemarie   3208 Student Affairs
Denton, Stacy   3132 Youth College - JK
dePagnier, Christopher   3476 Business, Technology, Professional Studies
DePalma, Joseph   3289 Mercer Institute
Diamond, Elyse   3756 Athletics
Diecidue, Lori   3796 Marketing and Communications
Dilatush, David   3502 Facilities and Maintenance - WW
Dockery, Carrie   3561 Library Services
Dodge, Tatiana   3519 Development & Alumni Relations
Dorio, Michael   3502 Facilities and Maintenance - WW
Dorneman, Michael   3369 Math, Science, Health Professions
Dove, Darius   3183 GEAR UP, VIP 21st Century Schools - JK
Dudycz-Perry, Barbara   3783 Business, Technology, Professional Studies
Duffy, Kevin   3384 Math, Science, Health Professions
Dumond, Cedeirdre     Math, Science, Health Professions


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  dial 609-570-
THEN ext. below
Edu, Nwasha   3138 Community Education and Training - JK
Erazo, Vicente   3336 MercerOnline
Evans, Jason   3776 Business, Technology, Professional Studies
Evans, Latrisa   3510 Facilities and Maintenance - WW


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