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Faculty Statement of Educational Philosophy

As MCCC Faculty, we believe that...

our students deserve a high-quality education that challenges them to acquire new knowledge and skills, test their accustomed ideas, and achieve competitive excellence. All of our students, regardless of where they find themselves when they come to us, deserve a caring, creative, and engaged pedagogy that helps them achieve their goals, and which cultivates lifelong learning and a passion to understand themselves and the world. We believe that we must create a college community that engages students in civic life and prepares them to fully participate in our democracy. We are responsible and accountable for giving our students’ work our respect and critical evaluation, for holding students to the highest ethical standards, and for providing effective feedback that encourages our students to grow.

Therefore, we will...

prepare our courses with diligence and enthusiasm, always improving our teaching abilities and our knowledge of our fields. We will challenge our students to take the risks associated with change and growth, and encourage them to take advantage of campus services and other opportunities for continued academic success. We will not tolerate breaches of academic integrity. We will confront incivility and bigotry if we encounter it, ensuring a respectful and vibrant college culture. Our professional practices will assess our students’ and our own accomplishments. Finally, we will work to live up to our own ideals by maintaining high standards of professionalism, nurturing our own learning, and embodying for our students the value of the life of the mind in the adventure of full participation in our democracy.