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Searching for the Cultural Plumb Bob

January 27 - March 5

Zahar Vaks

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“Zahar Vaks explores a conversation between the ancient and the contemporary,” said Alice K. Thompson, director at The MCCC Gallery, “Vaks’ paintings depict spaces — whether scenes from memory or the sensory recalls of a corporeal experience. The passage of time in a painting can be specific or elusive or even completely timeless. A quick, bold gesture can dissolve into a slow and subtle remnant.”

Searching for the Cultural Plumb Bob

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January 27 – March 5  /  reception February 5
Searching for the Cultural Plumb Bob

March 25th – April 23rd  /  reception April 1
Student Exhibition

May 18th – July 9th  /  reception May 20
Mercer County Artists Show

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