Corporate & Business Giving

  We would be pleased to work with you and your business or charitable organization to determine your best options for directing gift support to the MCCC Foundation.
Please contact the Corporate and Foundation Relations Office at
609-570-3250 to discuss your interests.

Mercer County Community College is fortunate to benefit from productive partnerships with the businesses community, attracting investors such as organizations, corporations and foundations in the region who value community relationships and support education. As a corporation, giving back to your community is not only good business, it is an investment that yields great dividends: improved lives and an improved community.

Through corporate giving, foundation grants, in-kind property donations, marketing activities, matching gifts and corporate sponsorships, the business community plays an important role in supporting and advancing the mission of Mercer County Community College.

Many opportunities exist for businesses and charitable foundations of all sizes to benefit existing college programs and operations. In addition, new academic programs including "latest technology" career programs are in need of the right partners in order to deliver to MCCC classrooms.

Special Event Sponsorships
The MCCC Foundation actively seeks corporate sponsorships to defray the costs of annual fundraising and friend-raising events, including Spring Into Student Success! each Spring and the Golf Classic in the Fall. These become marketing and promotional opportunities, as well as lending corporate identity to extremely worthwhile community events.

Corporate Giving
The MCCC Foundation welcomes direct cash gifts from corporations and businesses, designated for certain programs or initiatives or simply assigned as unrestricted gifts.

Property Giving
The MCCC Foundation welcomes gifts of corporate property and assets to be used as consumable property or as in-kind gifts intended to offset costs now assumed by the college. In addition, corporations often have excess equipment, collections, or other tangible assets which can be sold for a cost, and the resulting monies applied as a donation to the MCCC Foundation.

Matching Gifts
Many employers offer matching gifts programs, which enable an employee's contribution to be matched by that company. Often the donor can include an employee's spouse or retired employees, with the gift still being matched.

Corporate Employee Appeals
Some employers like to identify one or more not-for-profit organizations in their community and develop in-house promotional campaigns to encourage employees to make donations on behalf of that company. Some have competitions between employee groups to build enthusiasm and support.