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MCCC Foundation Mission

The MCCC Foundation is an independent 501C3 Corporation supporting the mission of Mercer County Community College and the community it serves.

The Foundation assists the college and the advancement of public higher education by broadening the base of community and financial support. Through friend raising, advocacy and fundraising efforts, the MCCC Foundation nurtures educational opportunities benefiting the students of Mercer County Community College.

The MCCC Foundation acts to encourage, solicit, receive, hold, invest and award private and public gifts, bequests and donations serving Foundation goals. Such gifts are applied to academic scholarships and other programs not funded through traditional sources. At the same time, the Foundation provides assistance to donors through a comprehensive program of tax-wise gift alternatives through planned giving.

Critical to the success of this mission is board membership of fully committed and participating individuals who represent, are connected to, and can influence the significant constituencies of the community. Areas of representation include business, education, the professions, government and the community at large.


The giving opportunities available to you at Mercer County Community College can make a difference in the quality of instruction and the success of our students in so many ways:

  • You can make a difference in how instruction takes place;
  • You can make a difference in whether someone reaches their goal in life and can provide for him- or herself and their family;
  • You can make a difference in whether a state-of-the art teaching facility becomes reality;
  • You can make a difference in the future of Mercer County.

Mercer’s graduates are recognized contributors to both the regional workforce and economy. I know from personal experience that Mercer graduates can be found in positions of responsibility, serving in many ways throughout the county to enrich our quality of life.

Whether your goals as a donor are to support individual students through an endowed or annual scholarship fund, to enhance the learning environment through equipment gifts, or to honor the memory or celebrate the life of an important person, or to remember the college in your will or through a beneficiary designation, there are many opportunities for those seeking to use their resources to make a positive change in the learning community.

This website provides an overview of the opportunities available for giving. However, if you need further assistance exploring any of these options, please contact me or Joseph Claffey, Vice President for College Advancement, for further information.

Each gift is an expression of the wishes of a donor. Let us honor your wishes.