MCCC Foundation

The Foundation's directors serve the college in many important ways and are encouraged to bring to the Foundation their interests, expertise, connections, availability and capability. They are expected to fulfill their role in accordance with the MCCC mission statement.

The Foundation and its members establish goals and objectives annually and long-range to serve the mission of the Foundation in the context of the college's established priorities.

Foundation board members are college ambassadors who seek to develop community understanding and support of the college and its programs and services. They help to identify, screen, cultivate and solicit potential contributors to the college.

Board of Directors   [affiliations]

Aamir Rehman, Ed.D. - Chair
Daniel Klim - 1st Vice Chair
Ty Robinson - 2nd Vice Chair and Interim Treasurer
Joseph T. Claffey (ex-officio) - Executive Director and Secretary

Herb Ames
Brian S. Bennett
Cathryn Clary, M.D.
Jamil Faridy
Randy Hanks
Bob Humes
Kathy Klockenbrink
Savita Lachman
Thomas Onder

Jeffrey F. Perlman
Charles J. Plohn, Jr.
Michael Procaccini
Kimberly Saul
Allen M. Silk
Richard Simkus
Michael Smith
Paula W. Taylor
Melissa Tenzer


Kevin Drennan (ex-officio) - MCCC Trustees Designee
Ruth Anderson (ex-officio) - Student Government President
Jianping Wang, Ed.D. (ex-officio) - MCCC President

James A. Floyd (deceased) - Director Emeritus
Timothy Losch (deceased) - Director Emeritus
Yong Sup Sim, Ed.D. - Director Emeritus