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Matching Gifts


When you make a gift to the MCCC Foundation, you can increase its amount, significance, and impact by taking advantage of a corporate matching gift program.

Thousands of private companies and corporations give generously to not-for-profit educational institutions each year through an employee matching gift program as part of their employee benefit package. Some provide matching gifts for gifts made by employee spouses and retirees.

These programs allow you, as an employee, to direct your organization's corporate philanthropy to the benefit of MCCC by matching your personal gift.

Matching gift programs benefit both the employer and the employee. They are a strong employee incentive and an important boost to morale. By matching employee gifts, businesses are assured that they are supporting causes important to their employees and their community.

Inquire at your human resources or employee benefits office to determine if your company will match your gift. There are also some foundations and associations that provide matching funds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to basic questions about Matching Gifts to the Mercer County Community College Foundation are addressed below. If you have a question that's not included or would like additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What are matching gifts?
Matching gifts are a vitally important source of funds for educational institutions and not-for-profit charitable organizations. They are also an increasingly important way for companies to allow their employees to direct a portion of the monies earmarked for charitable contribution. Over the years, companies extended their gift giving to other charitable organizations. Today, museums, hospitals, public television networks and community organizations are among the not-for-profits that receive corporate matching gifts.

Why do companies establish matching gift programs?
Companies often want to support educational institutions and not-for-profit organizations where their offices and plants are located. A matching gift program can be an employee benefit as well as a gesture of appreciation by directors. They encourage a company's employees to give, thus expanding the base of contributions to institutions.

How does the matching gift process work?
The employee obtains a matching gift form from his or her employer, typically available from the human resources or personnel department. The form should be filled out and submitted in accordance with the employer's guidelines. Each gift to the MCCC Foundation is a potential employer match. For example, with an individual employee's contribution of $100, a corresponding employer gift may range from 50 percent ($50) to 400 percent ($400) of that, depending on the employer's policy.

What is the advantage of a matching gift?
Each gift to the MCCC Foundation is increased, at no additional cost to the donor. In addition, the donor is credited with the total contribution. An employee of a company with a matching gift program can double, triple or even quadruple gifts to the MCCC Foundation.

How do I take advantage of this program?
Contact your employer's human resources or personnel department to obtain and complete a matching gift form. Mail the form with your gift. Include a matching gift form each time a contribution or payment on a pledge is made. The MCCC Foundation handles the rest.

For more information or to find out if your company matches gifts to the MCCC Foundation, contact us.