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Frequently Asked Questions About Special Services

I have a disability and have received support services in the past. How can I access services at Mercer?

Students with special needs enrolled at Mercer County Community College can access services by...

What is an accommodation form?

An accommodation form is a document issued by the Office of Special Services for students with special needs. It is intended to provide flexibility and equalize opportunities for success. Based on a careful review of the documentation provided by the student, the accommodation form describes the academic modifications that will become part of the student's program. Accommodations can not compromise the content of a course or the essential requirements of a degree. It is the student's responsibility to transmit the accommodation form to his/her professors.

What support services are available for special needs students at Mercer County Community College?

Mercer County Community College provides an array of free student support services which are available to all students, as well as services that are exclusively available to students with special needs. These services include the following:

Who are the Special Services staff, and how can I contact them?

The Office of Special Services is located on the West Windsor Campus in LB216.

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Arlene Stinson
Director of Academic Student Resources 609-570-3525
Sue Onaitis
Learning Disabilities Specialist 609-570-3375
Lisa Ward
Learning Disabilities Specialist 609-570-3517

What is The Learning Center?

The The Learning Center is located in LB214. Tutoring is available at The Learning Center. Subjects include all levels of Reading, Writing and Mathematics, plus Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Accounting, Economics and Computer Science. Tutoring at MCCC is free and is on a “drop in” basis. No appointment is necessary.

Are there any computer programs to help me?

Yes. Mercer County Community College has assistive technology available.

Where can these computer programs be found?

The main technology lab is on the West Windsor Campus in LB214. There are Kurzweil stations in the Library Computer Labs at the West Windsor and Trenton campuses as well.

I have not been diagnosed as having a learning disability in the past, but I think I may have one. What should I do?

If you think that you have an undiagnosed learning disability, you should contact the Office of Special Services for an appointment. The college does not provide diagnostic services. However, the Office of Special Services staff can assist you in accessing support services and help you to decide whether you should pursue formal testing.