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DREAM Program

Mercer County Community College’s (MCCC) DREAM Program provides transition and postsecondary program opportunities for students who, due to limitations in both intellectual and adaptive behaviors, require additional supports to navigate the postsecondary environment. Upon successful application and acceptance to the program, identified students, ages 18-24, have the opportunity to reach individual goals in an inclusive and supportive college setting.

During the four semesters in the DREAM Program, all students are required to participate in courses that are uniquely designed for students in the DREAM Program, STU 090 and STU 023, as well as MCCC general, inclusive course offerings. Through the STU classes, MCCC provides DREAM students with the supports necessary for them to participate in inclusive classes.

Students work closely with program staff each semester to identify and evaluate goals and build schedules. Students register for college courses based on placement and may be permitted to audit classes in areas of interest. All students develop an MCCC transcript and have the opportunity to earn credits towards an MCCC certificate or degree. Students are encouraged to participate in both curricular and co -curricular activities while at MCCC.

Students who choose to continue taking classes beyond four semesters, either seeking a credential or as engaged lifelong learners, have the option to continue to access modified ancillary support services. This decision is made in consultation with DREAM staff.

Program Plan

The DREAM Program is student-centered; each student's course of study is determined by the student's goals and needs. Areas of focus include:

  • Academic experiences in which students build skills in reading, writing, and math and explore areas of both career and personal interest such as technology and the arts.
  • Career-related experiences in which students participate in job shadowing and develop job-seeking skills such as resume writing, interviewing, and portfolio development.
  • Independent living skill development in areas such as self-advocacy and self-determination.
  • Socialization experiences through full participation in college activities.


The DREAM Program offers multiple supports to enhance opportunities for student growth.

About Mercer County Community College

Mercer County Community College is committed to inclusive education and the development of academic, economic, and personal growth opportunities for all students. The college's vast array of academic and student services provides continuing support for all students, including those who need extra support to achieve success.

Enrollment in the DREAM program is limited. Applications for the next academic year will be accepted beginning February 1. Admission decisions will be made as applications are received.

The DREAM Program acknowledges the generous contributions from the National Down Syndrome Society and the Riggio family, whose initial grants and technical support provided the foundation for the current program.


Financial Information

In addition to tuition, there is a fee for the DREAM Program.

Federal Financial Aid
Students may apply for federal financial aid here.

New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities
Students may apply for support/funding here.