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Your Mercer courses can be the first important step toward earning your bachelor's degree. After attending Mercer, you will be able to transfer course credits to another college or university and apply them toward your bachelor's degree. You need to apply to the transfer school and meet its entrance requirements.

(You can also transfer course credits from other colleges to Mercer and apply them toward your associate degree. > details)

Successful transfer depends on your positive actions:

  • Know the requirements of the transfer college as far ahead of time as possible.
      Investigate requirements of different colleges online, or request catalogs from colleges you are considering.
  • Select an appropriate program of study (your major) at Mercer.
      The various articulation agreements and dual admissions agreements between Mercer and transfer schools are designed to make many Mercer programs easy to transfer. Changing majors when you transfer may make some of your Mercer courses unacceptable in transfer. The kind of degree may affect your transfer.

    More information about:

  • Choose Mercer courses that are accepted by your intended transfer school.
  • Study, learn and establish a good grade point average at Mercer.
  • Decide whether to transfer after or before earning an associate degree at Mercer.

Steps to Transfer

You can start your journey toward successful transfer by checking out possible schools and their requirements, by attending free transfer workshops on campus, and by consulting your academic advisor or a transfer counselor.

As you complete more courses, visit schools and ask questions.

As you near graduation or the time you have chosen for transfer, submit your application by the deadline.

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