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Related Internet Sites

Students with Special Needs

The Internet provides a wealth of information and resources related to our students' needs. We've listed a few of our favorite internet sites below.

Assistive Technology for Postsecondary Students with Learning Disabilites:

New ways technology is helping students with special needs, and issues involved.

Auxiliary Aids and Services for Postsecondary Students with Disabilities:

The responsibility of colleges and college students regarding auxiliary aids

HEATH - Success in College for Adults with Learning Disabilities:

Academic needs and goals are different for adults with newly diagnosed learning disabilities

Landmark College's Learning Difficulties Web Sites:

More useful websites, including Support Organizations and School/Training Programs

LD In Depth - Transition:

Information on the transition from school to post-school activities for the learning disabled.

Muskingum College's Learning Strategies Database:

Learning strategies for students, instructors, tutors, and counselors

Points of Interest - Information Resources by Specific Disabilities:

A thorough list of resources for over 65 specific disabilities

Postsecondary Resources for Disabilities:

URLs for associations, universities, programs, councils, and centers dealing with disabilities

Tips for College Bound High School Students with Diagnosed Learning Problems:

Recommendations to help ease the transition from high school to college