Flexible Learning Program

For those students who cannot attend college during the day on Monday through Friday, MCCC offers alternatives with Flexible Learning (FL). Students across multiple disciplines can take evening, weekend, and MercerOnline (distance learning) courses in order to complete their degree requirements. These alternatives may also be offered in a compressed and/or accelerated format during eight- or ten-week sessions.

The weekend offerings have recently been expanded to include a wider variety of electives and other courses commonly required for various degrees. More than 30 different college-level courses are offered either on Friday evening, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning, or Sunday afternoon. College preparatory courses such as English as a Second Language, English, or Math prep can also be taken during these times.

For more information, contact the FL coordinator.

During the Fall 2009 semester, the following courses are being offered on weekends:

ACC111*, ACC112*, ADV220, ADV222, ART101, BIO103, BUS107*, BUS205*, BUS206*,BUS230*, CMN111*, CMN112*, ECO111*, ECO112*, EDU120, ENG024, ENG101*,ENG102*, ESL103, 121, 122, 133, 134, 135, 140, 141, GEO102, HIS101, IST101*, ITA101, MAT033, 037, 037A, 135, 141*, 146*, NUR202, OST111, PHI205, PHO101, PHO215, PHY111*, PSY101, SOC101, SPA101, 102, STU023.

Please check the course Browse/Registration system for specific times and availability.

Business Administration A.S. Degree

*Core courses (denoted by an asterisk) required for the Business Administration A.S. degree program are offered in an accelerated eight-week format (8A or 8B) on weekends during the Fall and Spring semesters. Some General Education electives listed above are also available in this eight-week format.

Students can accelerate their degree completion by taking two eight-week courses instead of one 15-week course during the semester. Students attending weekend classes on an accelerated basis along with night and distance learning courses could, for example, potentially finish their Business Administration A.S. degree within the same time frame as a full-time traditional student.

Students interested in learning more about Flexible Learning in Business should contact Prof. Laura Sosa at ext. 3475 or