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Academic Policies



Mercer County Community College does not have a "cut system." Students are expected to attend all classes of every course on their schedules. Only illness or serious personal matters may be considered adequate reasons for absence.

It is the prerogative of the instructor to excuse absences for valid reasons, provided the student will be able to fulfill all course requirements.

Students in the Medical Laboratory Technology and Radiography programs must arrange with the program coordinator to make up all missed laboratory and clinical hours. Students in nursing courses are required to attend all lecture, recitation, college laboratory, and clinical laboratory sessions.

The college is required by law to maintain attendance reports on students who are funded by Veterans benefits, Social Security payments and various other federal, state, or private scholarship programs.

Attendance Verification and Progress Grades

Student performance in classes is formally verified at the middle of each full semester. If a student's attendance has been infrequent or performance unsatisfactory, he or she may receive notification in the mail. At any time, the instructor may withdraw the student from class as a result of insufficient attendance.

Students who receive an unsatisfactory progress report are encouraged to see their instructor, advisor, and/or counselor and to take the steps necessary to complete the course successfully by the end of the semester.


A student who has not attended Mercer for one year or more and has not had a leave of absence approved must complete the admission process again in order to be readmitted to his or her earlier program or to choose a new program. For more information, contact the Admissions or Student Records office.

Academic Restart Program

Students who have had a previous academic experience at Mercer and have a QPA of less than 2.0 may apply for an Academic Restart at any time after a period of non-enrollment of at least three (3) years.

If an Academic Restart is approved, all previous MCCC course credits and grades remain on the student's transcript, but courses taken prior to the period of non-enrollment are no longer counted in the student's quality point average and the QPA will be reset at zero.

Up to four courses in which credit was earned with a grade of "C" or better prior to the period of non-enrollment may be counted toward graduation requirements and included in the QPA.

A suitable message on the transcript will designate the point at which the Academic Restart became effective. Students are allowed only one (1) Academic Restart. Once approved, it is irrevocable. Contact the Student Records office for further details.