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Students with Special Needs

The mission of the Office of Special Services (OSS) is to provide continuing support to students with documented disabilities. Various support services have been established to assist students according to their individual needs. The Director of Academic Student Resources and the Learning Disabilities Specialist are available to help students make a smooth transition to college as well as to succeed throughout their college experience.

Students with a documented disability are encouraged to register with the OSS at least three weeks before the beginning of the semester in order to obtain accommodations and support services. The Office of Special Services is located in LB217 on the West Windsor Campus.

All students with a disability who would like to receive special services must complete a Request for Academic Accommodations Form and provide appropriate documentation. When academic modifications are required, it is the student's responsibility to present the accommodation form to each of his/her professors. Accommodations are intended to provide flexibility and equalize opportunities for success for students with disabilities.

All information related to a student's disability is kept confidential and may be accessed only by the OSS staff. Students may sign a Release of Confidential Information form so that the OSS may assist students by working with faculty, tutors, and any other individuals for the benefit of the student.

The OSS staff is available for individual appointments for academic counseling, scheduling, advisement, advocacy issues and determination of reasonable accommodations.

All college programs are open to qualified individuals who, with reasonable accommodations, meet the academic and technical standards of a program of study. Students who are dissatisfied with an accommodation determination may appeal to the college Affirmative Action Officer at (609) 570-3635.