Departments & Offices

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Academic Affairs

Name Position   dial 609-586-4800
THEN ext. below
Dr. Robert Schreyer Interim Vice President   3330
Leslie Miller Interim Executive Assistant   3331
Academic Operations
Dr. Robert Schreyer Assistant Vice President   3325
Floyd Bledsoe Coordinator of Campus Scheduling   3706
Roxanne Munn Administrative Specialist   3324

Academic Divisions

Division faculty
and staff listings
Name Position   dial 609-586-4800
THEN ext. below
Business & STEM Dr. Farah Bennani Dean   3485
Health Professions Kevin Duffy Dean   3384
Liberal Arts Dr. Robert Kleinschmidt Dean   3326

Honors Program

Name Position   dial 609-586-4800
THEN ext. below
Dr. Bettina Caluori Director   3595

Innovation, Online Education and Student Success

Name Position   dial 609-586-4800
THEN ext. below
Dr. Alexandra Salas Dean   3310
Jill Marcus Project Manager   3551
Rob Obermeier Analyst   3314
Center for Global Opportunities   Study Abroad website
Andrea Lynch Coordinator   3652
Center for Inclusion, Transition and Accessibility
Arlene Stinson Director   3525
Dr. Susan Onaitis Counseling Specialist   3375
Lisa Ward Learning Disabilities Specialist   3517
Tiffany Willner Education Specialist   3597
Center for Retention & Completion
Dr. Latonya Ashford Ligon Director   3292
Kristin Robinson Administrative Specialist   3294
Academic Advisors
Bob Gunoskey Advisor   3568
Carl Markau Advisor   3238
Carmen Nitti Advisor   3238
Lynn Orlowski Advisor   3238
Ed Ott Advisor   3568
John Santosuosso Advisor   3569
Leroy Wilkerson Advisor / Academic Counselor   3426
Student Success Coaches - West Windsor Campus
Victoria Bowman Success Coach - Liberal Arts   3376
Nichol Killian Success Coach - Health Professions   3393
Jehan Mohamed Success Coach - Business & STEM   3671
Eugene Mok Success Coach   3569
Lorna Wiltshire Success Coach (online)   3572
Student Success Coaches - James Kerney Campus
Edwin Griffith Success Coach   3166
Melissa Santiago Success Coach   3146
James White Success Coach   3152
Gregory Williams Success Coach   3130
Learning Centers
Charles Haas Director   3452
Angela Frumin Coordinator
Kerney Campus Learning Center
John Kashmer Coordinator
West Windsor Learning Center
MercerOnline   HelpLine (609) 570-3389      and      Center for Teaching & Learning
Vicente Erazo Manager   3336
Testing Centers
Charles Haas Director   3452
LeVar Hylton Manager   3297
Amy Collins Coordinator of Academic Testing and Analysis
West Windsor Campus
Angela Frumin Coordinator of Academic Testing and Learning Centers
James Kerney Campus

Name Position   dial 609-586-4800
THEN ext. below
Pamela Price Director   3562
Melinda Struzynski Administrative Specialist   3554
Barbara Bolden On-Call Library Clerk   3561
Umar Butt On-Call Library Clerk (JKC)   3179
Daniel Calandro Electronic Resources Librarian   3550
Martin Crabtree Reference and Information Literacy Librarian   3545
Sandra Cronce On-Call Reference Librarian   3560
Stephanie Dreifus On-Call Library Clerk (JKC)   3179
Alicia Hall On-Call Library Specialist   3560
Alexis Kaelin On-Call Library Specialist   3560
Peter Krynicki Laboratory Support Specialist   3561
Michael Leone On-Call Library Specialist   3560
Ellen Madigan On-Call Library Specialist   3560
Shavon McRae On-Call Library Clerk   3561
Donna Mosley Library Clerk   3561
Mahrukh Nalavala Library Clerk   3561
Olivia Nellums Acquisitions Librarian   3559
Denise Niclas Library Technician   3179
Sungmin Park Reference Librarian   3560
Mary Quinn Library Clerk (JKC)   3179
Hafsa Raza Laboratory Support Specialist   3561
Anyalatrice Roberts Computer Lab Monitor (JKC)   3179
Noha Saleh On-Call Library Clerk (JKC)   3179
Carol Sawicki On-Call Library Clerk   3561
Antoinette Scott Library Clerk (JKC)   3179
Margaret Slobodinsky On-Call Library Specialist   3560
Lavanya Srinath Library Associate   3561
Sharon Stoneback Library Specialist   3560
Alicia Sullivan-Hall On-Call Reference Librarian   3560
Susan West On-Call Reference Librarian   3560

University Center at Mercer

Name Position   dial 609-586-4800
THEN ext. below
Fairleigh Dickinson University @ MCCC
Shawn McCloud FDU representative   (609) 343-4984
Felician University @ MCCC
Andrea Horvath Associate Director of Adult and Transfer Admissions   3368
New Jersey Institute of Technology @ MCCC
Dr. Wendy W. Lin-Cook Associate Vice President of Enrollment
Management and Academic Services
  (973) 596-3307
Rutgers University @ MCCC
Staci Abbruzzese Unit Administrator   3490
Katherine Birckmayer Manager of Academic Programs   3419
William Paterson University @ MCCC
Leonard Winogora On-Site Coordinator and Advisor   3358
Wilmington University @ MCCC
Janice McGreevy Site Representative   (609) 245-2383

Student Affairs

Name Position   dial 609-586-4800
THEN ext. below
Dr. L. Diane Campbell Vice President for Student Affairs   3222
Beth Knight Senior Executive Assistant   3221

Enrollment Services

Name Position   dial 609-586-4800
THEN ext. below
Savita Bambhrolia Assistant Dean   3438
Welcome & Information Center
Judy Tomasetti Lead Operator   3264, 0
Outreach, Recruitment & Admissions
Lisa Bogdziewicz Recruiter   3224
Chris Freihaut Recruiter   3244
Intake Enrollment Services - West Windsor Campus
Angelica Ayala Administrative Specialist   3284
Victoria Beltra Administrative Specialist   3338
Jeffery Cooper Administrative Specialist   3785
Jennifer De Los Santos Administrative Specialist   3576
Reginald Grant Administrative Specialist   3223
Paige McCloskey Administrative Specialist   3328
Gina Migliaccio Administrative Specialist   3548
Jeff Zygmunt Administrative Specialist   3231
Intake Enrollment Services - James Kerney Campus
Kimberley Bowser Coordinator   3110
Elizabeth Gordon Administrative Specialist   3180
Stephen Waniak Student Advocate   3165
Paulette Wright-Parham Administrative Specialist   3139
International Student Services & ESL Admissions
Nicole Hover Coordinator   3623
Maria Shamyer Recruiter - ESL Admissions   3547
Transfer & Career Services
Laurene Jones Director - Transfer Services   3307
Susanne Kotch Transfer Advisor   3609
Letrice Thomas Coordinator - Career Services   3530
Jessica Hein Administrative Specialist   3397
Danielle Wolfe Transfer Counseling Specialist   3571
Student Records
Shannon Krause Registrar   3360
Florian Fues Department Specialist   3235

Student Support Services

Name Position   dial 609-586-4800
THEN ext. below
Barbara Jefferson Assistant Dean   3327
Christine Reid Administrative Specialist   3423
Counseling and Community Networks
Dorothy Gasparro Senior Counselor Specialist   3354
Martha Gunning Professor of Counseling   3563
Fred Weiner Professor of Counseling   3470
Educational Opportunity Fund
Barbara Jefferson Director   3327
Al-Lateef Farmer EOF Recruiter/Counselor   3593
Tricia Mayers Senior Counselor Specialist   3313
Charles Weatherspoon Student Services Coordinator   3427
Stefanie Williams Student Advocate   3424
Student Life & Leadership
Danielle Garruba-Ice Director   3412
Jennifer Eng Administrative Specialist   3435
Adriana Matt Events Coordinator   3677
Denise Salvatore Events Coordinator   3434
Robert Wittik Chaplain   3408
Veterans Services
John Becker Director   3240
Jennifer Whitfield Administrative Specialist   3269

Athletics and Student Development

Name Position   dial 609-586-4800
THEN ext. below
John Simone Assistant Dean   3740
Widmarc Dalce Coordinator   3746
  (Administrative Specialist)   3743
John Simone Director   3740
Keir Livingston Associate Director / Athletic Trainer   3747
Ryan Zegarski Assistant Director   3778
Widmarc Dalce Coordinator of Student Development   609-570-3746
Anthony Genovesi Event Scheduling   3781
Diane Romulus Department Specialist   3743
Coaching Staff
Fred Carella Baseball   3518
Widmarc Dalce Men's Soccer   3746
Elyse Diamond Women's Soccer   3756
Howard Levy Men's Basketball   3745
Robert Siris Men's Lacrosse   3782
Mike Tenaglia Women's Basketball   3759
Marc Vecchiolla Men's Tennis, Women's Tennis   3537
Ryan Zegarski Softball   3778
  Men's Cross Country, Women's Cross Country   3742
Fitness Center, Swimming Pool  570-3738
Erin Cahill-Wetzel Coordinator   3741