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Please direct all registration and enrollment questions to, or call: 609.570.3228.

For questions how online courses are typically run and MercerOnline course offerings, please contact us: 609.570.3389 (

PLEASE NOTE:  MercerOnline is currently transitioning its online classes from ANGEL to Blackboard teaching and learning platforms. There is a possibility you may have different courses in different platforms. Please refer to the listings below for SUMMER TERM "B" courses, and check back later in the summer for courses for the FALL TERM. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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ANT-101-050  Anthropology
BIO-106-010Human Anatomy
BIO-106-020Human Anatomy
BUS-109-020Personal Finance
CMN-101-010Mass Media
CMN-215-020Communication and Gender
ENG-101-075English Composition I
ENG-102-070English Composition II
ENG-208-020 Modern American Novel
HIS-112-030World History to 1500
HIS-113-010World History Since 1500
HPE-111-010Living with Health
HPE-111-020Living with Health
HPE-111-030Living with Health
HPE-115-010Introduction to Public Health
PSY-101-025Introduction to Psychology
PSY-101-045Introduction to Psychology
PSY-207-030Developmental Psychology
SOC-201-010Marriage and the Family
SPA-102-030Beginning Spanish II
SPA-102-040Beginning Spanish II
BUS-230-020   Global Environment of Business
HIS-105-030 United States History to 1865
HIS-214-010 America Since 1945
HPE-101-030 Basic Concepts of Nutrition
IST-101-040 Computer Concepts with Applications
IST-101-060 Computer Concepts with Applications
MAT-108-080 Topics in Mathematics
MKT-101-020 Principles in Marketing
MLT-200-010 Clinical Chemistry
PHI-102-040 Introduction to Philosophy
PHI-205-070 Moral Choices
PSY-206-011 Child Development
SOC-101-007 Introduction to Sociology
SOC-101-035 Introduction to Sociology
SOC-107-030 Social Problems

Earn a Degree Entirely Online!
Now you can earn an associate degree fully online through MercerOnline,
with the convenience of quality classes anytime,
anywhere -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Associate in Arts Degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Liberal Arts
  • Liberal Arts - Humanities concentration
  • Liberal Arts - Social Science concentration
  • Associate in Science
  • Criminal Justice -
    Corrections Option
  • Associate in Applied Science Degree in Business Management
  • Business Studies
  • Some online courses require proctored exams to verify the identity of the student taking the exam.
    For a list of courses that require proctoring and information about taking proctored exams at MCCC
    or an alternate testing location, click here.

    For more information, please call 609.570.3389 or e-mail us at

    Attention MercerOnline and MCCC Students!
    You can take online courses while on vacation!

    MercerOnline Online classes allow you the flexibility and convenience of taking Mercer County Community College with you wherever you choose to go this summer! There are no set logon times, as most classes have weekly assigned due dates. Even better, classes are accelerated in ten, eight, and six week sessions to better accommodate your busy summer.

    If you have a reliable Internet connection, great time management skills, computer literacy, and the drive to succeed, MercerOnline is ready to travel with you.  

    About MercerOnline

    The Internet, television, computers, and independent study open alternate pathways to college. If you are highly motivated and enjoy working independently, virtual learning empowers you to decide when and where learning fits into your busy schedule. The MercerOnline Viking However, virtual learning may not be for you if you need structure, "real time" human interaction, or easy results without hard work. These courses take a great deal of time.

    • Students access courses through the college website
    • Professors and students interact through email, in real time, through chat and discussion forums in a user-friendly "virtual" classroom environment
    • Though students can access courses from any Internet connected computer, to gain the benefit of an "anytime, anyplace" learning environment, students should have their own computers. Some courses require orientation and/or testing on campus.
    • Television courses also offer time flexibility. Students view video segments on cable TV at scheduled times, on video in the MCCC library, or by videotape rental. MercerOnline students may borrow tapes overnight from the college library.
    • Courses taught at a distance through MercerOnline are equivalent to on-campus courses and are taught by MCCC faculty members.

    Contact Us

    MercerOnline may be reached by phone at (609) 570-3389 or e-mail at