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Mission Statement

The Mission of MercerOnline is to provide access to quality distance learning courses and programs that support students seeking to earn degrees and other credentials that are valued by both transfer institutions and employers. In support of this mission, the MercerOnline staff will...

  • Support students taking online courses and programs
  • Support new faculty in the design and development of new fully online and hybrid courses
  • Support experienced faculty in the development and revision of quality online and hybrid courses
  • Provide regular training in best practices in the use of the LMS for fully online courses, hybrid courses, and add-on shells for face-to-face courses
  • Collaborate with IPIC and other campus-wide professional development priorities to provide training and support to users of instructional technology and multimedia in online and on-campus courses.

SUMMER 2015 Session Information

MercerOnline LOGIN

All MercerOnline courses are conducted in the Blackboard Learn environment.

To access Blackboard, click the Blackboard icon below.

MercerOnline Blackboard - Click to login

Please direct all registration and enrollment questions to, or call: 609.570.3228.

For questions how online courses are typically run and MercerOnline course offerings, please contact us: 609.570.3389 (

About MercerOnline

The Internet, computers, and independent study open alternate pathways to college. If you are highly motivated and enjoy working independently, virtual learning empowers you to decide when and where learning fits into your busy schedule. However, virtual learning may not be for you if you need structure, "real time" human interaction, or easy results without hard work. These courses take a great deal of time.

  • Students access courses through the college website
  • Professors and students interact through email, in real time, through chat and discussion forums in a user-friendly "virtual" classroom environment
  • Though students can access courses from any internet connected computer, to gain the benefit of an "anytime, anyplace" learning environment, students should have their own computers. Some courses require orientation and/or testing on campus.
  • Courses taught at a distance through MercerOnline are equivalent to on-campus courses and are taught by MCCC faculty members.

Contact Us

MercerOnline may be reached by phone at (609) 570-3389 or e-mail at