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The Viking

Winter 2014

View the latest edition in a new, innovative turn-page digital format. Helpful tips for taking full advantage of it -- including printing, sharing, and downloading -- are available by clicking the "?" at the right end of the top toolbar.

The Viking Past issues:
Summer 2013 (link to interactive pdf file)
Winter 2013 (link to interactive pdf file)
Summer 2012 (link to pdf file, 1.9mb)
Winter 2012 (link to pdf file, 2.1mb)
Summer 2011 (link to pdf file, 2.2mb)
Winter 2011 (link to pdf file, 2.2mb)
Summer 2010 (link to pdf file, 2.0mb)
Winter 2010 (link to pdf file, 1.8mb)
Summer 2009 (link to pdf file, 2.0mb)
Winter 2009 (link to pdf file, 2.8mb)
Summer 2008 (link to pdf file, 1.9mb)
Winter 2008 (link to pdf file, 1.9mb)
Summer 2007 (link to pdf file, 31.1mb)
Winter 2007 (link to pdf file, 1.8mb)
Summer 2006 (link to pdf file, 27.9mb)
Winter 2006 (link to pdf file, 39.8mb)
Summer 2005 (link to pdf file, 1.6mb)
Winter 2005 (link to pdf file, 29.4mb)
Summer 2004 (link to pdf file, 21.1mb)
Winter 2004 (link to pdf file, 18.2mb)
Summer 2003 (link to pdf file, 16.5mb)
Winter 2003 (link to pdf file, 13.7mb)
Summer 2002 (link to pdf file, 14.8mb)
Winter 2002 (link to pdf file, 18.7mb)
Spring 2001 (link to pdf file, 17.5mb)

[Reading and printing these pages requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, which may be downloaded here for free.]

The Viking, a publication for alumni and friends of Mercer County Community College, is published by MCCC's Marketing and Public Information Office, room 114 of the Administration building (AD) on the West Windsor Campus. The Viking welcomes your feedback and suggestions.

Send correspondence to:
Jim Gardner, Public Relations Manager
Room AD 114
Mercer County Community College
PO Box 17202
Trenton, NJ 08690