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Health Professions

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Name Position   dial 609-586-4800
THEN ext. below
Kevin Duffy Dean   3384
Barbara Pieslak Senior Executive Assistant   3383
Cynthia Matyas Health Professions Coordinator   3596
Mary Murkli Administrative Specialist   3394
Elizabeth Mizerek Director of Nursing   3526
Crystal Adams Faculty, Nursing   3819
Barbara Behrens Faculty, Physical Therapist Assistant   3385
Michael DeAngelis Faculty; Coordinator, Health and Physical Education   3758
Lisa Dunn Faculty, Nursing   3379
Deborah Greer Faculty, Radiography   3341
Holly Kaiser Faculty; Coordinator, Clinical Education / Physical Therapist Assistant   3478
John Kalinowski Faculty, Health and Physical Education; Coordinator, Exercise Science   3675
Sandra Kerr Faculty; Coordinator, Radiography   3337
Florence Lee Faculty, Nursing   3335
Judith Reid Senior Teaching Assistant, Nursing   3655
Adena Romeo-Ratliff Faculty, Nursing   3322
Tracy Scaletti Faculty, Nursing   3895
Lisa Shave Faculty; Coordinator, Medical Laboratory Technology   3387
Angelique Simmonds Faculty, Nursing   3386