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Academic Divisions

Math, Science, Health Professions
general e-mail: * division web page * faculty office hours
Name Position E-mail dial 609-586-4800
THEN ext. below
Dr. Linda Scherr (Acting) Dean 3384
Barbara Pieslak Executive Assistant 3383
Diana Curiale Administrative Specialist 3394
Carrie Dockery Administrative Specialist 3657
Donna Penn Director of Nursing 3526
Stephanie Horner Nursing Program Specialist 3391
Carlo Alfare Faculty, Chemistry / Laboratory Technology 3381
Kyle Anderson Faculty, Mathematics 3359
Alison Becker-Moses Faculty, Mathematics 3808
Barbara Behrens Faculty; Coordinator, Physical Therapist Assistant 3385
Holly Beinert Faculty; Coordinator, Clinical Education / Physical Therapist Assistant 3478
Laura Blinderman Faculty, Biology 3833
Doreen Carnvale Faculty, Nursing 3396
Elizabeth Carr Faculty, Mathematics 3409
Annette Conklin Faculty, Nursing 3386
Dawn Cook Teaching Assistant, Biology 3868
Michael Dorneman Faculty, Chemistry 3369
Lisa Dunn Faculty, Nursing 3379
Linda Falkow Faculty, Biology 3365
Jamie Beth Fleischner Faculty, Mathematics 3807
Linda Gaylo Faculty, Biology 3380
Ellen Genovesi Faculty, Biology 3363
Leslie Grunes Faculty, Mathematics 3865
Diane Hilker Faculty; Coordinator, Biology 3367
Dr. Jingrong Huang Faculty, Physics 3429
John Kalinowski Faculty, Health and Physical Education; Coordinator, Exercise Science 3675
Lori Kelty Faculty, Nursing 3819
Sandra Kerr Faculty; Coordinator, Radiography 3337
Barbara Kunkel Faculty, Nursing 3335
Sue Minkel Faculty, Nursing 3837
Elizabeth Mizerek Faculty, Nursing 3393
John Nadig Faculty, Mathematics 3770
Patrick Natale Teaching Assistant, Biology 3374
Mary Ann Norcross Senior Technical Assistant, Chemistry / Medical Laboratory Technology 3364
Lois Owen Teaching Assistant, Biology 3137
Donna Penn Faculty, Nursing 3819
Betty Peterson Faculty; Coordinator, Mathematics 3421
William Petrosky Faculty, Radiography 3341
Richard Porter Faculty, Mathematics 3826
Jody Provencher Faculty, Medical Laboratory Technology 3387
Robert Pugh Faculty; Coordinator, Health and Physical Education 3230, 3743
Toni Racioppo Faculty, Nursing 3895
Judith Reid Senior Teaching Assistant, Nursing 3655
Amy Ricco Faculty; Coordinator, Ornamental Horticulture / Plant Science 3372
Ami Rivera Teaching Assistant, Biology 3334
Adena Romeo-Ratliff Faculty, Nursing 3322
Dr. Daniel Rose Faculty, Mathematics 3893
Arthur Schwartz Faculty, Mathematics 3761
Dr. Charlene Sharkey Faculty, Mathematics 3892
Dr. Ronald Smith Faculty, Biology 3395
Helen Tanzini Faculty; Coordinator, Chemistry 3349
Marie Wszolek Senior Technical Assistant, Ornamental Horticulture 3512

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