Team Building


Benefits for the participants:

  • Learn the roles and responsibilities of team members
  • Take on team responsibilities
  • Contribute to team efforts
  • Get messages across to members


Course Description:

In today’s rapidly changing work environment, employees often work as teams to solve specific problems.

These teams are constantly faced with new situations that require quick and decisive action. The degree of success with which a team can respond depends largely on the values its members share.

This workshop will develop a set of principles that all team members can share. They will then use these principles to help guide the actions of team members as they work together to solve some common organizational issues.


What You Will Cover:

  • Preparing to be an Effective Team Member
    • Team responsibilities
    • Follow through on tasks
    • Contributing to the process
    • Getting your message across
    • Giving and Accepting Feedback
  • Getting Work Done in Teams
    • Methods of teamwork
    • Creating plans
    • Having productive meetings
  • Making good decisions
    • Evaluating potential solutions
    • Implementing changes
    • Checking results and progress
    • Keeping records and documentation


Course Hours: 8 hours