Supervisory Skills for New Supervisors


Benefits for the participants:

  • Create a favorable first impression with your staff
  • Pinpoint what motivates your direct reports and co-worker
  • Effectively track work status, direction and skills
  • Delegate the right work to the right person at the right time
  • Recognize and identify needs and issues
  • Avoid career damaging pitfalls in the critical first few months
  • Clarify your supervisor’s expectations and establish effective goals for direct reports


Course Description:

This course will prepare front line workers to assume leadership roles in various departments across the organization.

They will learn how their roles will change, how to effectively move from a peer relationship to a supervisory relationship, about management’s expectations for new leaders, and how to better understand their responsibilities in this new role.

The participants will also explore the importance of clear and direct communication, strategies for dealing with and diffusing conflict.

The training will also cover how to give feedback and offer constructive criticism, how to deal with difficult employees and more.


What You Will Cover:

  • Define your role as a manager and identify how that role differs from other roles you have
  • Understand the management challenge and the new functions of
  • Discover how you can prepare for and embrace the forces of
  • Identify ways to get you and your workspace organized and get a jump on the next
  • Identify your leadership profile and explore ways to use this knowledge to improve your success as a
  • Create an action plan for managing your career


Course Hours: 8 to 16 hours (one and two day formats)