Leadership Skills


Benefits for the participants:

  • Utilize decision making tools in the management of subordinates and relationship building with customers
  • Understand how to develop and mentor staff
  • Interpret and communicate their organization’s mission and vision
  • Use strategies that will enable their team to take a proactive approach toward change


Course Description:

Leadership derives from character. This refers to the strengths of a manager to collaborate willingly, to adapt quickly, and to persevere in uncertain situations.

The differences between leadership and management are striking. A manager is promoted into a position. A leader has to develop the role of influencing and inspiring others to execute a plan.

This workshop will provide specific methods for succeeding as a leader, including how to set the right goals, communicate ideas, and deliver results.

Today’s workforce responds to leadership that follows a coaching or mentoring model.

To examine this model more fully the participants will evaluate various decision-making processes for managing relationships, internally and externally, for greater impact.


What You Will Cover:

  • Basic Principles for a Collaborative Workplace
  • Establishing Performance Expectations
  • Motivation
  • Developing Job Skills
  • Giving Feedback
  • Taking Corrective Action
  • Managing Change
  • Delegation
  • Insight and Action


Course Hours:
8 to 24 hours (one to three day formats)