Performance Management


Benefits for the participants:

  • Clarify expectations and develop communication to reinforce productive behaviors
  • Specify what an Employee is supposed to do to be productive and when to do it
  • Improve performance through clearly defined goals and achieve results more closely aligned with Organizational plans
  • Develop ongoing dialogue and feedback about goals and the behavior required to achieve them


Course Description:

Goal-driven performance management offers a fundamentally sound way to corral the energy and talent of your Direct Reports and deliver the results required to achieve strategic goals.

Key principles of performance management are establishing clear expectations, feedback and coaching, and ongoing assessment and evaluation.

These principles are the drivers for focusing, energizing and leading performance to next levels. This course provides “hands on” development to identify, develop and implement an effective Performance Management Program.


What You Will Cover:

  • Develop long and short term goals and identify supportive behaviors
  • Establish performance behaviors and motivation strategies
  • Apply positive reinforcement for goals and performance criteria
  • Offer feedback that motivates and gains commitment
  • Use corrective dialogue and appropriate consequences for “misaligned” employees


Course Hours:
8 hours