Good communication skills are at the forefront of every successful business. Communication serves two essential functions in every organization. Communication not only disseminates pertinent information to employees, it is the foundation of the dealing with your customers and vendors.

Communication Training

According to a 2009/2010 survey conducted by Towers Watson, companies that are highly effective communicators had 47 percent higher total returns to shareholders over the last five years compared with firms that are the least effective communicators.

On the contrary, it is estimated that $37 billion is lost due to poor or inadequate communication in the workplace. The corporate world is a competitive place and to be successful companies must ensure that employees are communicating clearly and accurately.

Mercer Institute’s seasoned training and development experts offer an array of customized communication training programs designed to provide your employees with the skills necessary to improve communication in the workplace such as:



Communication Assessments

Assessments are vital for identifying future leaders. Every organization should decide which combination of tools will produce the leaders it desires. Mercer Institute can help!

Our certified trainers can assist with the following assessments: