Change Management


Benefits for the participants:

  • Clarify expectations and develop communication to reinforce productive behaviors
  • Specify what an Employee is supposed to do to be productive and when to do it
  • Improve performance through clearly defined goals and achieve results more closely aligned with Organizational plans
  • Develop ongoing dialogue and feedback about goals and the behavior required to achieve them


Course Description:

This course is designed for managers and supervisors who are charged with introducing departmental or organizational changes to their employees.

In today’s organizations, change is the rule rather than the exception. New initiatives are creating more pressures and demands on employees to confront the challenge of change. As an ongoing occurrence, change can be exhilarating or stressful.

This program will provide managers and supervisors with the tools and techniques to help them successfully navigate through understanding change, introducing change to others and overcoming resistance.


What You Will Cover:

  • Minimize disruptive aspects and enhance positive opportunities in the change process
  • Implement changes effectively and quickly with strategies to manage throughout the transition
  • Ease the progression from the old situation to the new with minimum disruption to morale, output or image
  • Provide effective support for morale issues and concerns caused by changes
  • Anticipate resistance and respond skillfully to preserve relationships and productivity


Course Hours:
4 to 8 hours