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Academic Accommodations

    "The Key to Success"

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What is an accommodation form?

An accommodation form is a document issued by the Office of Special Services for students with special needs. It is intended to provide flexibility and equalize opportunities for success.

Based on a careful review of the documentation provided by the student, the accommodation form describes the academic modifications that will become part of the student's program.

Accommodations cannot compromise the contents of a course or the essential requirements of a degree. It is the student's responsibility to transmit the accommodation form to his or her professors.

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How can I use my accommodation form effectively?

    Read your accommodation form carefully.
    Make sure you understand it. If you have any questions, make an appointment to discuss them with someone in the Office of Special Services.

    Make an appointment with your professor(s).
    Discuss your accommodation form with him or her. Make certain to find out your professor's office hours, room number, telephone extension, and email.

    Stay in touch. Ask for help when you need it.
    Make an appointment with your professor(s) to discuss your concerns . Team up with another student in your class. Exchange telephone numbers/email addresses. Make an appointment to see someone in the Office of Special Services if you need our help.

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