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Survivor Testimonies on Video

A Letter Without Words: A Lost Berlin Family Heritage
Daring to Resist
Dr. V. Goodkin: Saved by Wallenberg
Dr. V. Goodkin: Saved by Wallenberg
Jack Zaifman
Last Chapter, The: Jewish Resistance in Poland (Theodore Bikel)
Memories of War: A Light in the Darkness (chronicles the Escape of the Danish Jews)
No Time to Say Good-bye
Now...Memory of the Camps 40 Years After (British Recollections) After All These Years (German Recollections)
One Survivor Remembers
Partisans of Vilna
Recollections: Lost Children in Berlin (Spielberg)
Spielberg: Survivors of the Holocaust
Survivors Return to Auschwitz: Refugees at Oswego, NY
There Once Was a Town
We Were So Beloved Parts I and II ( German Jews of Washinton Heights, NY)
Witness Voices From the Holocaust (Yale University Testimonies)


Adolph Hitler/ The Two Deaths of Adolph Hitler 1 hr.
America and the Holocaust: Deceit and Indifference 18 min.
Anne Frank
Boat People (Vietnamese) 1hr. 13 min.
Brundibar (NJ State Opera; for the children at Terazin) 1hr. 20 min.
Camera of My Family, copy 1 18 min.
Camera of My Family, copy 2 18 min.
Count to Six Million 25 min.
Diary of Anne Frank, The (Opera by Gregori Frid) w/ Teacher's Manual 83 min.
Diplomats for the Damned w/ Teacher's Manual 83 min.
Europe 2002 90 min.
Falasha: Exiles of the Black Jews
From Swatstika to Jim Crow
Fuehrer: Seduction of a Nation
Genocide From Simon Weisenthal Center
Genocide: Story of Man's Inhumanity to Man
Ghetto Part I-Prague and Part II- Venice
History of the SS
Hitler's Holocaust: Witnesses Jews and Germans
How Hitler Lost the War
Irish Visions: When Ireland Starved
Journey of Butterfly, The
Klaus Barbie, Part I
Klaus Barbie, Part II
Klezmer Sketch & the American Dream, The
Kristallnacht: The Journey from 1938-1988
Lessons for Life w/ Teacher's Manual
Liberators-Fighting on Two Fronts in WW II
Lodz Ghetto: Slave Labor
Longest Hatred, The
Mein Kampf: A Blueprint for the Age of Chaos
Memories of the War: Hitler's Final Solution: The Wansee Conference
Nazi Designers of Death: Auschwitz Architects
Night and Fog
Night and Fog / Nuit et Brouillard (in French)
One Day Crossing (USA/Hungary) w/ Teacher's Manual
Partisans of Vilna, The
Poland and the Jews
Primo Levi: Memory of the Offense
Restless Conscience: Resistance to Nazis in 1930s and 1940s, The
Schindler (narrated by Nick Bogart)
Schindler's List
Shoah, The (Claude Lanzman) Part I
Shoah, The (Claude Lanzman) Part II
Shoah, The (Claude Lanzman) Part III
Shoah, The (Claude Lanzman) Part IV
Shoah, The (Claude Lanzman) Part V
Shtetl Part II
Sorrow and the Pity, The ( Marcel Ophuls) Part I
Sorrow and the Pity, The ( Marcel Ophuls) Part II
Story of Chaim Rumkowski and the Jews of Lodz, The
Surviving Salvation: Ethiopian Jews Transported to Israel
Trial at Nuremberg, The
Triangle of the Will
Triumph of the Will, The (in German)
Wallenberg: A Hero's Story, Parts I and II
Wave, The 46 min.
Wave, The 46 min.
Weapons of the Spirit
Why Us? (Bernard Aptaker)

Audio Tapes

Find Me a Voice (Poetry & Music)
Holocaust Requiem
I Never Saw Another Butterfly (The Columbus Boy Choir)
Night (by Ellie Weisel; read by Jeffrey Rosenblatt)


Song of the Murdered Jewish People (in English)
Song of the Murdered Jewish People (in Russian)

Annotated Bibliographies

Human Rights Annotated Bibliography (PDF)
Annotated Bibliography: Armenian Genocide (PDF)
The Holodomor Annotated Bibliography (PDF)
Annotated Bibliography: Rebuilt from Broken Glass (PDF)
Holocaust Artas Resistance Bibliography (PDF)
Holocaust Photography Annotated Bibliography (PDF)



Elementary School Trunk author/editor # of copies item number
I Never Saw Another Butterfly Volavkova, H. (ed.) 2 copies HERC N 352. D42513 1993 c. 1
Terrible Things Bunting, Eve 1 copy HERC PZ7. B91527 T47 1989
Upstairs Room, The Reiss, Johanna 35 copies HERC D 810.J4 R44 1987 c.1-35



Middle School Trunk author/editor Teacher Resources # of copies item number
Camera of My Family, copy 1 (18 minutes) video 1 copy V nor cam.1
Courage to Care video 1 copy VR Rit cou
Hitler's Apologists: The Anti-Semitic Propaganda of Holocaust "Revisionism" ADL 1 copy HERC D 804.35 H58 1993 c.1
Holocaust, The: A History of Courage and Resistance Stadtler, Bea 1 copy 35 copies HERC BM 105.S69 1994 c.1-10, 12-35
I Never Saw Another Butterfly Volavkova, H. (ed.) 1 copy HERC N 352. D42513 1993 c.2
Other Victims, The Friedman, Ina 3 copies HERC D 811.A2 F74 1990 c.4-6
Spirit That Moves Us, The Quenk, Rachel 1 copy 1 copy V jon wave.1
Tell Them We Remember: The Story of the Holocaust Bacharach, Susan 1 copy HERC D804.33.P47 1994 V.02
Wave, The video HERC D 804.3 B25 1994



High School Trunk # of copies item number
video (Yad Vashem poster series) 1 copy V nor cam.1
ADL 1 copy HERC D 804.35 H58 1993 c.1
Brown, Stephens, Rubin (ed.) 1 copy HERC D 804.195 I43 1997
Smelser (ed.) 1 copy ea. HERC D 804.33. L43 2001 vol.1-4
Meltzer, Milton 40 copies HERC D 810.J4 M389 1976 c.1-40
Weisel, Elie 40 copies HERC D 810.J4 W513 1982 c.2-40
1 copy V res nuit (dubbed)
Friedman, Ina 3 copies HERC D 811.A2 F74 1990 c.1-3
newspapers 40 copies
video 1 copy V jon wave.1




Other Resources


The New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education

Lawrence Township (NJ) Public Schools Curriculum Corner Holocaust Resources

MCL and MCCC online catalog   - Keyword: Holocaust

The US Holocaust Memorial Museum -
   -   Research Library -

Holocaust sitemap produced by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology, College of Education, University of South Florida


Anti-Defamation League
Armenian National Institute
Armenocide (Documents from State and Private Archives)
Auschwitz Institute for Peace and Reconciliation
Center for Humanistic Education, Ghetto Fighters' Museum
Center for Holocaust, Human Rights & Genocide
Education, Brookdale Community College, NJ
Center for Holocaust Studies, Munich
Conference on Material Claims Against Germany
Danish Institute for International Studies
Facing History and Ourselves
The Friends of Hrant Dink Foundation
Genocide Intervention Network
German Historical Institute, Washington, D.C.
Hadassah Brandeis Institute
Haigazian University, Beirut
Harvard University International Human Rights Clinic
Institute for Contemporary Jewry, Hebrew University
International Association of Genocide Scholars
International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance
International Network of Genocide Scholars
The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous
Jewish World Watch
Leibniz University, Hannover
Leo Baeck Institute
Massachusetts Humanities Teachers Institute
Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture
The Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust
National Association for Armenian Studies and Research
National Science Foundation
Per Ahlmark Foundation, Stockholm
Radio La Benevolencija
Research Center for Contemporary History, University of Hamburg
Rodgers Center for Holocaust Education, Chapman University
Salzburg Global Seminar
Seyfo, Assyrian Genocide Research Center
Shoah Foundation Institute
United States Holocaust Memorial and Museum
Weiss-Livnat MA Program, Strochlitz Institute for Holocaust Research, Haifa University
Yad Vashem
YIVO Institute for Jewish Research

"A Town Known as Auschwitz: The Life and Death of a Jewish Community"

Photographic exhibit traces the history of the town of Oswiecim, called Auschwitz by the Germans, tracing its rich pre-war history of Jews and non-Jews living side by side to the present day. Exhibit may also provide introduction before visiting the exhibit at the MJH in New York City.   Click here for details.

For supplementary resource from the USC Shoah Foundation,   see "Born in the City that became Auschwitz", a 28-minute film including clips of Holocaust testimonies of individuals born and raised in Oswiecim.

"Children of the Lodz Ghetto"  - A Memorial Research Project
Opportunity for individual or class project to research the lives and fate of Lodz Ghetto children within records available on the USHMM website. In line with the 70th anniversary of the final deportations from the Ghetto.

Yad Vashem
"Landscapes - The Art Collection"
Landscapes, cityscapes and views of daily life by Jewish artists living in Europe prior to and during the Holocaust; artworks selected from the Museum collection with brief biographies of the artists.

"Their Fate Will Be My Fate Too..."
Teachers Who Rescued Jews During the Holocaust
Biographies of those who risked their lives to save their Jewish students in contrast to the majority who stood by or enabled the perpetrators.

"Stay Together"
The Fate of Jewish Families in 1944
Personal accounts illustrating the tradition of family unity during the pivotal year of escalating deportations before the fall of Nazi Germany.

YIVO Digital Archive on Jewish Life in Poland
Extensive resource including narrative history, and primary source photos, maps, audio recordings, video, documents, manuscripts, and artwork of pre-war Jewish life.
Note:  "Letters to Afar", an onsite exhibition at YIVO Institute in New York, will feature home movies made by New York City's Jewish immigrants who traveled back to visit Poland during the 1920s and 1930s, through March 22, 2015.   Click for details.

Roman Vishniac Rediscovered
Comprehensive online resource based on recent New York exhibition of International Center of Photography with the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. Newly discovered works by the iconic photographer of pre-war Eastern Europe document his career from the early 1920s through the 1950s. Includes exhibition photographs clustered by theme, as well as Vishniac chronology and resources.
Letters, Documents & Images of the Jellinek Family Confronting the Holocaust
One extended family's story, extensively researched by descendant Paulette Jellinek, provides intimate and personal primary source material for research and dramatic reading. Includes original letters and documents with translation, family biographies and photographs, maps and resources.