The Center is designed to provide Support to educators, local organizations and the community at large in Mercer County in order to better teach and understand the concepts and lessons of the Holocaust and other genocides. Specifically the Center will examine and present electronic resources to assist in meeting the New Jersey legislative mandate that all students (K-12) learn about the Holocaust and other genocides. A number of specific goals include presenting workshops for area public school teachers on lesson to be learned from the Holocaust and information on ongoing genocides, various yearly exhibits and film presentations and the latest technological advances such as links to other resources, the ability to download information and make available the latest audio, video and print media.

The Center is a joint project of Mercer County Community College and the Mercer County Heritage Commission under the auspices of the County Executive's Office and the Hon. Brian Hughes. Cooperating with the Center in a consulting capacity and in sponsoring events is the State of NJ Commission of Holocaust Education.

Mercer County Holocaust - Genocide Resource Center