Mercer County Police Academy State of New Jersey

Mission Statement

The mission of the Mercer County Police Academy is to provide each recruit who accepts the challenge of becoming a law enforcement officer with the best training and instruction available. This is provided in a motivated educational environment complimented by seasoned and experienced instructors dedicated to their profession. The Mercer County Police Academy is committed to developing well rounded professional law enforcement officers with special emphasis on professionalism, integrity and commitment. It is only when all of these goals have been achieved that we can say our mission has been accomplished.

MCPA Vision Statement

The vision of the Mercer County Police Academy is to continue to develop a state of the art facility which serves and satisfies the educational and training needs of all members of the law enforcement community. This includes basic and continuing education for police officers, park rangers and correction officers.

Mercer County Police Academy Pledge

"All who enter these doors must acknowledge and accept that you will be challenged mentally, physically and academically each day that you are here. You will develop the proper balance of strength, character and above all compassion. It is only then that you will graduate from this academy."