Mercer County Police Academy State of New Jersey

About The Academy

Recognizing the need for professional, well trained police officers, the Mercer County Prosecutor's Office, Mercer County Sheriff's Office, Mercer County Chiefs of Police Association, Mercer County government and Mercer County Community College, initiated the concept of the Mercer County Police Academy offering the Basic Course for Police Officers, an Alternate Route Program, in-service training and regional trainings. The realization of this endeavor became official in October 2006, when the New Jersey Police Training Commission ("PTC") certified the Mercer County Police Academy. The concept of this academy would not have been possible without the strong support of the Mercer County Administration and the Mercer County Board of County Commissioners.

The Mercer County Police Academy features two renovated classrooms that are equipped with video and audio technology. Each classroom is capable of seating up to fifty students and has internet access and computer data port terminals for laptop Power Point presentations. In addition, the academy has separate academy staff offices, along with a large conference room; these are only a few of the many features which enhance this academy. An Articulation Agreement with Mercer County Community College awards each recruit with twelve college credits upon successful completion of the Basic Training Course at the Mercer County Police Academy.

The Mercer County Police Academy offers approximately 2000 hours of basic and advanced in-service courses and training to approximately 1000 police officers throughout the year. The academy staff and instructors are experienced and well versed in their field of instruction. All instructors who teach at the academy are certified by the Police Training Commission and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience into the classroom. Presently, there are approximately sixty instructors assigned to teach at the academy. The faculty includes law enforcement officers, assistant prosecutors, retired judges and civilians who are experts in their fields. The Mercer County Police Academy is also one of the few academies in the state that will offer the Alternate Route Basic Training Program. This program will make PTC certified police officers available to non-civil service law enforcement agencies throughout New Jersey.

The Mercer County Police Academy's facilities are further enhanced by a state-of-the-art firearms range featuring computerized turning targets along with a live fire indoor shoot house complete with furnishings, hallways and individual rooms to create a realistic scenario for today's law enforcement officer. Not only will the recruit be trained and instructed to successfully pass firearm qualifications, but also trained in live fire simulated exercises utilizing firearms capable of firing paint filled projectiles providing realistic shoot/don't shoot scenarios. Recruits are required to improve on their conditioning, strength and stamina through a daily routine of agility runs, calisthenics, defensive tactics and strengthening exercises.

The Mercer County Police Academy features a complete physical training and conditioning experience for the recruits.  The recruits utilize an indoor heated pool, as well as a 6600 square foot gymnasium on a daily basis. There is also a weight room adjacent to the gymnasium complete with machines by Nautilus, Universal, Smith and Cybex complimented by over 5000 pounds of free weights rating this facility as one of the finest in Mercer County. Large, modern shower and locker room facilities are provided for both male and female recruits.

The Mercer County Police Academy has a close working relationship with the Mercer County Chiefs of Police Association, County Executive Dan Benson and the Mercer County Board of County Commissioners who are committed to bringing the finest law enforcement training available to our law enforcement professionals. Their continued support of the programs and projects of the Mercer County Police Academy demonstrate their commitment to the citizens and police officers of Mercer County and the State of New Jersey.