Learn the basics of screenwriting. Story structure, character development, script formatting, and marketing approaches will be covered. Students will outline the story for a feature-length screenplay

Offered Fall


Fiction Writing Workshop

You will study various narrative approaches to fiction writing and learn how to create unique, compelling characters and plot lines. You will begin to work on a short story or novel.

Offered Summer

Cost:$ 100

Writing Children’s Fiction I 

Students will learn the essential elements of creating engaging children’s stories. Explore story language, developing memorable characters for children and story structure. Marketing approaches will also be discussed. 

Offered Fall


Write Your Story

Discover your individual voice and write your personal memoir. Join us as we explore the terrain of the creative memoir with in-class discussions and exercises as well as additional tools to help shape it. This course is geared towards writing for publication and will include a section on marketing your work to publishers. 

Offered Spring


non-fiction Writing

Interested in writing non-fiction books including “how to”, biographies, Film/TV history, and more. You will learn how to develop a book proposal, how to conduct research, and how to market your work to publishers. Students will complete an initial draft of a book proposal in this course. 

Offered Spring


Introduction to Filmmaking        

Is film school too expensive and time-consuming? Award-winning filmmaker Lawrence R. Greenberg will take you through the essentials of how to make a film or TV show from beginning to end in this 10-hour course. Learn each step of the process from the script to the film release with a focus on production. This course takes you behind the façade so you can see the specific work that went into the film you are seeing on the screen. We cover storytelling, process workflow, production lighting, cameras, sound capture, directing actors, and editing. Some of the material is subjective and artistic, other parts are highly technical. You will never see a movie the same way again after this class.

Offered Spring



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