Construction Project Management


Core Courses (all required for the certificate):

  • Materials, Methods, and Systems of Construction and Blueprint Reading
  • Construction Cost Estimating
  • Construction Change Orders and Claims/Contract Law
  • Construction Project Management, Specifications and Contracts


  • If you do not currently have any relevant experience in this field; please contact our registration staff prior to registering for this course; to ensure all requirements are met as well as suitability for course completion

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For the students or those wishing to learn basic print reading and increase their knowledge of construction drawings, the term “Blueprint Reading” refers to interpreting and visualizing construction drawings. The function of building systems will be discussed.  Topics include symbols, abbreviations, and scaling of working plans. Actual Construction Prints and Workbook are required as part of this course curriculum and should be purchased separately through the MCCC Library. (See below for description.)  The Construction Prints provide realistic job experience.  The text is equally applicable for students studying estimating or construction management. Introduce yourself to blueprints and the specifications used on construction projects while learning the skills necessary to reference through those documents.

The Instructor with more than a combined forty-five years of experience in engineering, design, and construction believes that students looking to further their careers are best served using the building block approach wherein industry standards and accepted methodology can be introduced to the student.  Upon successful completion of the course, the Students will be able to “read” and interpret the construction drawings.  



Offered Fall



A successful project is built on the foundation of an accurate and dependable estimate. Knowing the lifetime the maintenance cost of your building, how much It cost to build a specific building type in different locations across the country and globe, and if the estimate from which you are basing a major decision is accurate are all imperative for the building owners, project managers, and facility managers. This course provides the student with the knowledge and tools required in estimating the direct and indirect cost of a project from inception to completion. Students are challenged by problem-solving practices. Learn expert techniques for precise and reliable detail estimating.

Pre-requisite: “Materials, Methods, and Systems of Construction and Construction Blueprint Reading”

Please note: Drawings & Specifications used during the teaching of this course will be the same drawings used for the Blueprint Reading Course. 

Cost: $960

Offered Fall



In today’s hectic design and construction process and with unforeseen conditions, it is rare to find projects that do not require “change to contracts” or change orders. This course discusses the means and methods of preparing change orders, scopes, pricing of work, and methods of negotiation. Impacts of Change Orders on the Project Schedule/Completion will be reviewed. The avoidance of claims, preparation of claims, and their resolution are also discussed.

Discuss public and private bidding procedures, offers, counteroffers, acceptance, contract terms, negotiation, and execution of written contracts. Examine construction contracts, letters of credit, letters of intent, bonds and disputes, change orders, amendments, and common pitfalls. UCC provisions, remedies, breeches and resolutions will also be discussed.

Cost:$ 480

Offered Spring



Construction Project Management, Specifications and contracts

Project Management is the application of system controls to construction operations, whether the project is a residential development, a commercial building, or large industrial complex. An overview of the management process from design through occupancy as well as the administration, legal and practical aspects of managing standards.

Cost: $960

Offered Spring


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