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Attention: Registration for classes may close seven (7) days prior to the start date depending on enrollment numbers. If you cannot find a class you are looking for, please reach out to the Non-Credit Registration Desk at (609)570-3311 or email for further  information. The Center for Continuing Studies also suggests not purchasing textbooks until seven (7) days prior to the start date of a class to ensure the class is running.

Pricing Flowers for Profit

Want to turn your hobby into a profit making entrepreneurship?  This class will discuss buying techniques, creating floral recipes, pricing strategies, delivery and set up fees and contracts.  Pricing should not be guess work.  Understand your costs and learn to price accordingly.   Bring your calculator and learn industry standard techniques.   

Offered Fall semester

Cost: $ 95


Gaining financial literacy and Its importance to your personal Finance

In this course students will learn how to prioritize their personal money management goals, develop personal spending and savings plans, comprehend the impact of time on the value of money, understand the cost of using credit, and protect assets. Concepts covered are Budgeting, Saving, Credit Management, Debt Management, Risk Management & Insurance, and Investing & Personal Financial Planning. Students will also learn Financial Psychology and its effect on money management 

Offered Spring /Summer/ Fall 

Cost: $155


Introduction to Voiceovers - REMOTE

Do you have a passion for voiceovers? Want to earn income using your talents from the comfort of your home? Explore the fun, rewarding possibilities of the growing remote voiceover industry! Discover the current trends in the industry and how easy and affordable it can be to learn, set up and work from home. You’ll learn about different types of voiceovers and tools you’ll need to find success. Your instructor, a professional voice actor from Voices For All, will take notes as you read a real script in this one-on-one video chat setting, and offer some coaching to improve your delivery. You’ll receive a professional voiceover evaluation later in a follow up call. One-time, 90-minute, introductory class. Learn more at http:// 18 and over. Upon registration you will be contacted by VFA to schedule your class for a day and time of your convenience.

Offered Spring, Summer and Fall


Cost: $50

Reiki I

Reiki is a Japanese healing philosophy, combined with basic universal spiritual principles, which ultimately serves its practitioners very well. It is a practice which honors the holistic needs of the body and spirit and integrates healing principles to ultimately enrich the entire being. 

In this course, you will learn the basics of Reiki and you will have a foundational understanding necessary for self administering its healing principles.  

We will touch on the history of Reiki as well as its different Eastern and Western branches, Chakras, principles that govern the practice of Reiki, and both the basic and more complex philosophies concerning the body's energy and how it impacts the healing process. 

At the end of the course, your understanding of Reiki principles and practices should be comprehensive and you should be ready to regularly implement healing on yourself, those close to you and even pets. Through practice and regular meditation, you will prepare yourself to share your new spirited knowledge and you will be ready to help heal others. 

You will receive an Attunement from an Usui & Karuna Holy Fire Reiki Master and 2 Symbols. 

Offered Summer

Cost: $275

Reiki 2

This course is intended for the individual with an understanding of the basic beginnings of the healing powers of Reiki, but is ready to seek a greater understanding of attunement and the flow of directed energy from the provider to the receiver. The second level gives you more power and introduces additional symbols that can be used for specific and distance healing purposes. It also imparts you the power to heal people from a distance (even send healing energy anywhere in the world to improve crisis situations). The representative symbols associated with Reiki ll will be explored. Anyone with Reiki 1 can take this course (must show proof)

 Throughout the course, participants will also learn how to positively respond to stress, how to relax and to accept happiness, and learn to pass their well-being onto others who share in the respect of healing the whole person with holistic Reiki techniques.  We will explore the creation of sacred settings, cultivating Reiki energies and walking a Reiki spiritual path including the role of Crystals and Colors in Reiki.  

Reiki can be used as a cure for a multitude of ailments and can also be incorporated in everyday living so as to lead a happy and peaceful life. You feel compelled to learn more and pass on the benefits to others around you. This Reiki II course will provide more advanced approaches which will equip you to treat other people as well, you can now also charge for sessions. 

 An Attunement from an Usui and Karuna Holy Fire Reiki Master will be provided along with distance symbol, PDF manual, guided meditation, Reiki infused crystals and access to Facebook Group. Certification upon full completion. 

 Cost $225

Reiki 3

Prerequisite: Reiki Level 1 & Reiki Level 2. The length of the class 8 hours with a break over 1 day.

Reiki 3 Master Practitioners Level or Third Degree Reiki (Shinpiden, or Mystery Teaching) – At this level, you are attuned to the symbols and energy for spiritual healing at the soul level. Reiki Level 3 is profound. With Reiki 3 you achieve full empowerment. You will receive a final attunement from an Usui & Karuna Holy Fire Reiki Master/Teacher and learn to work with the fourth symbol, the master symbol. Although called Reiki Master, this means you are in the process of “mastering yourself.” This course brings you to the beginning of that process. It’s a wonderful process to develop a strong self-practice and deepen your relationship with yourself and the Reiki energy.

In Reiki Level 3 the Master Level you will learn:

  • Review of all Reiki symbols and their use
  • the Reiki 3 Master symbol
  • how to use the Master symbol
  • the Japanese Reiki Level 3 techniques for healing and clearing
  • how to use Reiki Level 3 with self and others
  • discuss Reiki ethical codes of conduct
  • How to start your Reiki Business 
  • Reiki 3 Master Attunement
  • Hands-on practice giving and receiving Reiki
  • Pendulum Work 

Cost $399 






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