Personal Interest

Pricing Flowers for Profit

Want to turn your hobby into a profit making entrepreneurship?  This class will discuss buying techniques, creating floral recipes, pricing strategies, delivery and set up fees and contracts.  Pricing should not be guess work.  Understand your costs and learn to price accordingly.   Bring your calculator and learn industry standard techniques.   

Offered Fall semester

Cost: $ 95


Gaining financial literacy and Its importance to your personal Finance

In this course students will learn how to prioritize their personal money management goals, develop personal spending and savings plans, comprehend the impact of time on the value of money, understand the cost of using credit, and protect assets. Concepts covered are Budgeting, Saving, Credit Management, Debt Management, Risk Management & Insurance, and Investing & Personal Financial Planning. Students will also learn Financial Psychology and its effect on money management 

Offered Spring 

Cost: $155


Introduction to Voiceovers - REMOTE

Explore the voiceover industry! Discover current trends, opportunities, and tools you need to find success. Read a real script and receive coaching from your instructor, a professional voice actor, to improve your delivery. Onetime, 90 minute, one-on-one, video-chat class!

This individual 90 minute class will now be scheduled for a date and time upon enrollment and will be scheduled based on the availability of the student.

Requirements: Students must have Internet Access and Video Chatting capabilities using a method such as: Zoom, Skype (Win/Mac/Mobile) or iChat/FaceTime (Mac/iOS).

Offered Spring /Summer and Fall

Cost: $50


Learn to Play the Harmonica

Play music anytime and anywhere with this convenient and portable instrument! This course is perfect for anybody interested in learning how to play harmonica. From a basic scale to an all-out jam session. Playing harmonica is challenging but so much fun. After this class, you should feel comfortable playing some solos or even jamming with the band. No music background is required. All students must bring a harmonica in the key of C to the first day of class.

Offered Spring /Summer and Fall

Cost: $190






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