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Mobile and Web Computing
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The Mobile and Web Computing certificate program teaches the skills needed to enter the mobile and web computing fields and prepares students for entry-level positions such as computer programmer, mobile app developer, and web application developer.

  • Analyze computer application requirements;
  • Design, write, test, and debug mobile and web applications.

All courses in this program completed with a grade of C or better may be applied toward the Information Technology A.A.S., Computer Information Systems A.S., or Computer Science A.S. degree programs.

Admission requires a high school diploma or its equivalent. Prior programming experience is helpful, but not necessary. Some required courses may be offered only during the evening, and some may be offered only in alternate semesters. It is essential that students plan ahead in consultation with the program coordinator.

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2023-2024 Academic Year
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CIP 521201
Credit-bearing certificate programs can serve as gateways to earning an associate degree. Students are encouraged to consult the program coordinator, an academic advisor or Success Coach to explore such opportunities.
Code Course (lecture/lab hours) Credits
COS 102 Computer Science I – Algorithms and Programming (3/2) 4
ENG 101 English Composition I (3/0) 3
IST 108 Introduction to Programming with Mobile Application Development (3/2) 4
IST 144 Website Development (3/2) 4
IST 208 Android Application Development (3/2) 4
IST 218 iOS Application Development (3/2) 4
IST 244 Web Application Development (3/2) 4
  —    — Program elective
  • In consultation with an academic advisor, select from the course categories of COS, DMA, GAM, IST, or NET.