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Data Analytics
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The Data Analytics certificate program prepares students for entry-level positions such as business/data analyst and enables Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, and Business Administration students to explore data analytics as a field of study while at MCCC and/or transfer to Data Science or Business Analytics programs as desired.

  • Develop relevant programming abilities;
  • Demonstrate proficiency with statistical analysis of data.

Computer Science degree program
Computer Science certificate program
Database Administration certificate program
Database Concepts and Skills Associate certificate program

2023-2024 Academic Year
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CIP 307101
Credit-bearing certificate programs can serve as gateways to earning an associate degree. Students are encouraged to consult the program coordinator, an academic advisor or Success Coach to explore such opportunities.
Code Course (lecture/lab hours) Credits
CIS 175 PC Applications: Spreadsheets (2/2) 3
COS 101 Introduction to Computer Science (3/2)
  • May be substituted with 4-credit IST course. Consult academic advisor.
ENG 101 English Composition I (3/0) 3
MAT 151 Calculus I (4/0) 4
BUS 205 Business Statistics I (3/0)  
  OR 3-4
MAT 201 Probability and Statistics for Science and Engineering (4/0)  
COS 102 Computer Science I – Algorithms and Programming (3/2) 4
IST 275 Data Analytics and Visualization (2/2) 3
  —    — Program elective
  • In consultation with an academic advisor, select either CIS 173 or an IST course.
BUS 206 Business Statistics II (3/0)  
  OR 3-4
COS 210 Computer Science II -- Data Structures (3/2)