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This course requires groupwork and and independant research project. You will not be penilized for groupmates that fail to perform.

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FINAL EXAM: on Proctor U or 12/18 7-10PM in BS320


year v value salary v sex work v success time v concentration height v weight decade v population sales v price




Tentative Syllabus for MAT 151


  • Are you interested in a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Math)?
  • Is your grade point average 2.8 or above?
  • Are you a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or refugee alien?

If you answered ‘yes’ to the above, then please consider applying for Mercer County Community College’sS-STEMScholarship.Here are the benefits of being ascholarshiprecipient:

  • Become part of a learning community of peers and faculty making you more likely to achieve a higher GPA and increase the likelihood of both graduating with an associate's degree and successfully transferring to a 4-year institution.
  • Participate in a Summer Bridge Program that facilitates your transition to college.
  • Benefit from review sessions, tutoring, and personal mentoring/academic advising by MCCC's outstanding science, engineering, and math faculty.
  • Attend weekly cohort meetings with other students in the program to develop study skills and college success strategies and to explore transfer and career options in STEM.
  • Receive assistance in preparing for transfer to four-year institutions.
  • Receive ascholarshipaward of $4,350 each year, for up to two years.

We are currently accepting applications.Here is the link to the application:


Also, here is a link to thescholarshipwebsite:


Please feel free to contact ProfessorMaccariella (maccarij@mccc.edu) if you have any questions.We look forward to receiving your application!

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151 Groupwork Notes to Error

151 reg proj pt 2

151 Reg Proj part3


Go to Connect for current homework and quizzes



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Complete individual project worksheet at : Regression Individual Project See videos for examples

Regression Group Project S17

Regression Project ideas of the past

Rubric for Presentation:

1. Were you reviewed? Who reviewed you?

2. Were you prepared with your worksheet, calculator, and poster?

3. Did you introduce self, describe data, and express why you are interested?

4. Did you present a good graph with two or more regressions and the data?

5. Did you make a statement/prediction using limits? Something next or ending?

6. Did you make a statement/prediction using both rates of changes?

7. Did you make a statement/prediction using integrations/summations?

8. Did you discuss the geography of relevant regression(s) including Max/Mins, Ends, Increasing/Decreasing, Concavity, and especially the Inflection Points?

9. Did you discuss the Error and Field Questions? Why that regression? Why that prediction?

10. Is your presentation Interesting, Relevant, and Informative and under 5 minutes long?



CalculusREGRESSIONprojectGRADEfall 2017WORKSHEETpart3


Richard Porter
Office: LA129
E-Mail: porterr@mccc.edu
Webpage: www.mccc.edu/~porterr

Mailing Address: P.O. Box B, Trenton, NJ 08690
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Previous Homework:

Complete Regression Project Pt 2 for Tuesday

Hand in Regression Project Part 1 Tuesday 3/24/15

151 test1 s15 Instead of doing the second part of question #3b, you can for extra credit, simply find the limit numerically by using the calculator and showing the work.


151 practice Exam #1


Presentation YUMPresentation Poster Worksheets

Rubric for Presentation:

1. 5 minutes Bring in Worksheet and Calculator

2. Introduce self, data, why interested

3. Use Technology: Powerpoint, Poster, Video

4. Present Graph with two or more regressions and the data

5. Make statement about limits

6. Make Statement about rates of change

7. Make statements about integrations/summation

8. Interesting Relevant Informative

9. Revied by two peers

10. Review two peers

11. Discuss Geography of Regressions (Max/Mins,Ends, Increase/Decrease, Concavity, Inflection Points)

12. Discuss the Error/ and Field Questions ( like why that regression?, why that prediction?)

Rubric for Poster Mockup:

On the poster must be:

1. Data as a list and its meaning and source

2. Plot of Data and Two or more regressions on the same graph

3. Interesting prediction as a limits

4. Relevant prediction of a derivative

5. Informative use of the integral and average value

6. Picture of shaded area.

7. Give an average rate of change

8. Predictions in words and a conclusion with your name.

Poster Mock-up must be reviewed by two classmates, and you must review two mockups. Be sure to comment if you think it is interesting, relevant, and informative.

On the poster must be the same things including:

1. Graph of Data and regession

2. Predictions from limits, derivatives and integrals

(evaluating functions, finding rate of change, finding a total or average value)

3. A conclusion and your name.








Do Regression Project Part 1




HW Problems to be removed (you can skip them)

Day 10: #7 Day 11: #3,5 Day 12/13: # 1,3,5,11 Day 14: #1 Day 16:#5 Day 17:#1,5,11


151 practice Midterm or 151 practice Midterm(pdf)



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4/28: Poster/Peer Review Due DONE

** Homeworks Due (Will go over Connect)

4/30 Project Due/ Practice Test 3 assigned

5/5: More Connect/ Practice Test REviewed

**Test 3 assigned

5/7: Final Review Midterm (T3 Due)

**ALL late homework Due

5/10: Final Review (T3)

5/12: Final Exam