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Arrest, Search & Seizure: Updates & Title 2C Criminal Law: Updates
Course Title (click title for flyer with more information - pdf) Dates
Body Fluids and Trace Evidence February 6-7
Methods of Instruction February 13-17
Death Case Investigation Feb 23-24
Property Evidence Room Custodian's Seminar April 3-4
NJ Police Records Management April 10-11
New Criminal Investigator's Course May 1-5
Pre-Employment Background Invest May 11-12
Arrest, Search & Seizure & Title 2C Criminal Law May 19
IA Invest- Officer Involved Shootings June 1-2
2 Day Pistol "Gunfighter" Course June 20-21
2 Day Carbine "Gunfighter" Course June 22-23
FBI LEEDA Supervisor Leadership June 26-30
Counterfeit Drivers License Recognition July 12
FBI LEEDA Command Leadership August 21-25
FBI LEEDA Executive Leadership October 2-6
Physical Conditioning Instructor March12-16
Firearms Instructor March 19-23
Methods of Instruction March 26-29
FBI LEEDA Supervisor Leadership June 25-29
FBI LEEDA Executive Leadership August 20-24
FBI LEEDA Command Leadership October 15-19


Note: For additional information on the above listed courses please contact the Police Academy at (609) 584-2302

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