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Inservice Training

Course Title (click title for flyer with more information - pdf) Dates
Locating and Questioning Witnesses March 10-11
NJ Police Records Management March 24-25
New Date
Fingerprint Comparison April 4-8
Role of Lead Investigator in a Major Case April 14-15
FBI: Crisis Negotiations May 5-9
Missing Children: Dynamics and Response June 3
2-Day Pistol Carbine Gunfighter Course June 14-15
Methods of Instruction Course (M.O.I.) August 11-15
Physical Conditioning Instructor Course August 25 - 29
Remington Field Armorerís Schools 2014 October 6, 7, 8, 9
Action Target Academy Training Event - Shoothouse Instructor October 7-9
Glock Field Armorerís School October 10
Fingerprint Comparison December 1-5
Seminar for Agency Spokespersons and Public Information Officers December 4-5
Managing the Police Training Operation January 15-16
Porter Lee Corporation: ďBeastĒ Training (flyer and reg. form)
January 20-21
Identifying Fraudulent Identity Documents January 28
Interview & Interrogations February 23-24
Advanced Criminal Investigation March 23-27
Mentoring the New or Underachieving Officer April 27-28
Special Topics In Crime Scene Investigation: Body Fluids and Trace Evidence April 29-30

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2011 In-Service course archive

2010 In-Service course archive

Note: For additional information on the above listed courses please contact the Police Academy at (609) 584-2302

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