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              Philosophy Links


General Interest

Teach Philosophy YouTube Channel  

Partially Examined Life YouTube Channel

Philosophy Tube YouTube Channel

PhilosophySean YouTube Channel

History & Giants of Phiosophy on Nahuantica

Philosophy: A guide to Happiness Channel

Patton's Guide to Philosophy Links

Socratic Argument Clinic

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
The Philosopher’s Magazine
Philosophy Now Magazine
Episteme Links Site
Erratic Impact Database
Philosophy texts & humor
The American Philosophical Association Online
Religious Consistency Test

Philosophical Comix
Philosophy Study Guides

Ethics Updates Supersite

Moral Sense Text

History of Philosophy by James Feiser

Africana Philosophy Links

From Prof. Teuber's Pages:

Harvard's Introduction to Philosophy Page

Sophia Project - from Molloy College, includes a collection of resources such as "What is Philosophy Anyway?", "Logic in a Nutshell", and many, many others.

Lexicon of Foreign Words in English Philosophy Texts, a lengthy and helpful listing of foreign language words used in philosophy (from Josh Wood)

Philosophy Timeline (Garth Kemerling)

How to get Better Grades on your Philosophy Papers (Martin Young) - a detailed guide!

Tips on Writing a Philosophy Paper - (Douglas Portmore) - a detailed guide!

Writing Philosophy Papers: A Student Guide (Oregon State University)

Guide to the Study of Philosophy (Garth Kemerling) A comprehensive guide for the new student of philosophy

Philosophical Debates - a collection of nice introductory bibliographies on some of the major philosophical questions throughout history

Why Study Philosophy

Well-Known Philosophy Majors

Philosophy Research Search Engines:

Philosophy Image Gallery: "Philosophers Say 'Cheese'"

Women in Philosophy Gallery

Philosophers' Image Gallery (Barcelona)

Philosophers' Image Gallery (Netherlands) Philosophy Sub-Fields with Sound Effects (Wadsworth)

Video - Monty Python - Argument

Video - Monty Python - Philosopher's Song

Video - Monty Python - Philosopher's Soccer Match Greeks vs. Germans

Video - Western Philosophy in 5 Minutes

Philosophy Goes to the Movies

More from Prof. Teuber's Pages:

Puzzles, Paradoxes and Illusions

Philosophical Humor

Philosophy Songs

Philosophy Paper writing:

Pitzer College - Keeley's Philosophy Paper Notes










Study Help:


Search Engines in Philosophy - from Prof. Teuber's Pages


Online Papers and E-Texts Philosophy - from Prof. Teuber's Pages

Classics of Western Philosophy, maintained by Andreas Teuber

Classical Philosophy Texts Loeb on .pdf

The Library of Philosophy, maintained by Rauno Huttunen

Online Papers in Philosophy, maintained by Brian Weatherson

Classic Texts in Ethics (Lawrence Hinman)

People with Online Papers in Philosophy (David Chalmers)

Bryn Mawr Classical Review

Online Papers from NYU Philosophers

People with Online Papers in Philosophy, compiled by David Chalmers

Sites with Online Papers on Philosophy

The Semantics Archive

Online Papers in the Philosophy of Science

BEARS in Moral and Political Philosophy
Canadian Journal of Philosophy
Environmental Ethics
Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews
Blackwell Publishers Synergy
Philosophers Imprint

Harvard's Introduction to Philosophy Pages


MCCC Philosophy Video Selection Links

History of Philosophy without any Gaps - King's College London -Podcasts


The Philosopher's Zone's Podcasts

Elucidations Podcats - University of Chicago

Minerva Podcasts

BBC In Our Time Philosophy Podcasts

Brain Science Podcasts - Neuroscience

Rationally Speaking Podcasts


Philosophers Talk About Philosophy and Philosophers - YouTube Videos

from Prof. Teuber's Page

Podcasts from Philosophy Bites

  Hosts: Nigel Warburton and David Edmonds
   Philosophical topics in short fifteen minute segments.



Mercer County Community College

Philosophy Online Video Reference List 1/14


Topic                                         Presenter  Link                 

What is Philosophy?                                   Brown

Philosophy & Big Questions                       Sadler

How to read/study philosophical texts    Sadler

How to Read Philosophy                          Alvernia

Logic                                                          Alvernia

Introduction to Philosophy Lectures         Brown

   PreSocratic Philosophy                            Brown

   Socrates                                                     Brown

   Plato                                                             Brown

   Aristotle – Arguments/Logic                 Brown

   Aristotle – Philosophy                              Brown

   Descartes – Method                                Brown

   Descartes – a priori/Mind                       Brown

   Empiricists - Locke & Berkeley              Brown

   Empiricists - Hume & a priori               Brown

   Empiricists-Hume Induction                                    Brown

   Kant – Synthetic a priori                          Brown

   Kant – Transcendental Idealism            Brown

   Philosophy of Mind – Contemporary     Brown

Ethics & Moral Issues Lectures                Brown

   Freewill & Moral Responsibility            Brown

   Philosophical Ethics                                 Brown

Close Reading Pre-Writing Workshop      Sadler

How to Write Close Reading Paper         Sadler

Lectures on Primary Source Philosophy Readings     Sadler

MiniLectures - Philosophers’ Key Ideas    Sadler

Lectures on Ethicists & Theories              Sadler

Lectures on Existentialism                         Sadler

Lectures Intro. To Philosophy, w/political phil.         Neill

Documentary-Philosophy: A Guide to Happiness     Botton

Documentary - The Examined Life           Tayler

Documentary - American Philosopher     McReynolds                 

BBC Series-An Introduction to Western Philosophy                           Magee

BBC Series-The Great Philosophers         Magee

Documentary - Western Philosophy         Islamic

Ethics Lectures w/Global views               Moore

Sandel on Ethics, Justice & Markets        Sandel

Contemporary Philosophy & Issues          Roderick, et al        

Ethicists, Secular, various Contemporary    Various

Documentary - Justice                                Sen  

Neuroscience & Neuroethics pt. 1 of 6        Giordano

Evolutionary Ethics                                    Leakey

Ethics, Evolution & Moral Progress          Singer

Common Morality                                     Gert 

Basic on Consequentialism, Deontology & BioethicsWallace

Ethics w/ some business ethics               Miller

Philosophy & Human Nature – Yale      Gendler

Oxford University – General Philosophy various


The links with topics that include ‘lectures’ and series’, there are multiple videos with more specific topics to be found on the link provided. Please look into these!


There are many more links; please fell encouraged to search for more and more specific links. Dom be careful to review the source of the video, as of what’s been posted is junk from hacks.  In any case, watch and listen critically.

Here is a link to these video links on a Word document (larger so easier toi read).


Please forward other ones you find worthy to me at with “VIDEO” in the message line.

Philosophy Blogs from Prof. Teuber's Pages

  • Aporia - - A blog devoted to skepticism.
  • Buffalo Philosophy Blog - - A group blog by graduate students of the State University of New York, University at Buffalo dedicated to issues in metaphysics, philosophy of science, philosophy of language, ethics and epistemology..
  • Certain Doubts - - Devoted to matters epistemological.
  • Epistemic Value - - A blog devoted to epistemological issues run by Duncan Pritchard out of the University of Edinburgh.
  • Ethics Etc. - - Discussing contemporary philosophical issues in ethics and related areas.
  • Metaphysical Values - - A blog on the nature of things, created by the Centre for Metaphysics and Mind, Leeds, UK.
  • PEA Soup - - A blog dedicated to philosophy, ethics, and the academy.
  • Philosophy of Information - - News and comments on the philosophy of computing and information, the philosophy of technology, information technology, computer ethics and information ethics.
  • Practical Ethics - - Ethical Perspectives on the News.
  • Seeing Things - - A blog devoted to philosophy, phenomenology, and cognitive neuroscience of perception created by Sean Kelly.

More Links with Philosophical Subject Headings

(Once again, mostly from Prof. Teuber's Pages


God and Religion

Mind and Body

Knowledge and Reality

Ethics, Justice and the Good Life