Technology Training

Technology Training

Technology is changing at a rate faster than most can accommodate. Studies have shown that computers increase productivity, but those gains can only be realized if employees are comfortable and experienced with the systems.


Investments in technology training allow employees better access to the information they need to do their jobs.

Ensuring that your employees are trained and familiar with the software programs that your company utilizes will help them spend less time tracking down that information and more time utilizing these systems to perform vital tasks for your company.

From basic PC and Microsoft® Office™ training to highly specialized certificate programs, we can help employees of public and private organizations to build the skills necessary to maximize the value of technology in the workplace. Our mobile computer classroom provides a flexible and efficient solution for delivering training at your location.

  • Windows
    • Office 365
    • One Drive
  • Microsoft Office®
    • Excel Introduction, Intermediate & Advanced
    • Word Introduction, Intermediate & Advanced
    • Outlook Introduction & Advanced
    • PowerPoint Introduction & Advanced
    • Excel Pivot Tables
    • Excel Power Pivot
    • Microsoft® Office 2016: Transition from Office 2007/2010
  • Cloud Storage Solutions
  • Adobe
  • Social Networking