General Education Electives

The development of competence in critical thinking, writing, speaking, problem-solving, and information literacy is essential to a student's educational and career success. General Education courses provide students with the opportunity to develop these skills. (See MCCC policy at General Information page 29.)

The following courses approved for the purposes of General Education at Mercer County Community College are regarded as General Education courses at many, but not all, other colleges and universities in New Jersey and other states. The Statewide Transfer Agreement guarantees transfer of all approved courses that meet General Education requirements for graduates from A.A. and A.S. programs transferring to New Jersey's four-year public colleges and universities. Non-graduates may determine whether particular courses will meet requirements at other New Jersey colleges or universities via NJ Transfer ( Students interested in transferring to out-of-state colleges and universities should consult the catalogs, websites, and staff of those institutions.

Students are advised to review the specific General Education requirements in their chosen program of study.

General Education course

Look for this indicator of approved General Education courses throughout course descriptions.
  does not satisfy Laboratory Science general education requirement
  course is also a Diversity and Global Perspective general education elective
Written and Oral Communication in English
Speech: Human Communication
Public Speaking
English Composition I
English Composition II
English Composition II with Speech
(A.A.S. programs only)
Algebra and Trigonometry I
Algebra and Trigonometry II
Mathematics for Liberal Arts
Elementary Statistics I
Elementary Statistics II
Applied College Algebra
Calculus I
Calculus II
Statistics for Social and Health Sciences I
Probability and Statistics for Science and Engineering
Linear Algebra
Calculus III
Differential Equations
General Biology I
General Biology II
Anatomy and Physiology I
Anatomy and Physiology II
Human Anatomy
Biological Science Concepts
Environmental Science Concepts
Principles of Microbiology
General Chemistry I
General Chemistry II
Chemical Science Concepts
General and Physiological Chemistry
Organic Chemistry I
Organic Chemistry II
Plant Science
Soil and Plant Nutrition
College Physics I
College Physics II
Fundamentals of Physics
Physical Science Concepts
University Physics I
University Physics II
Introduction to Computer Science
Computer Science I - Algorithms and Programming
Internet Tools and Techniques
Computer Concepts with Applications
Computer Concepts with Programming
Introduction to Programming
Social Science
Basic Economics
The American Political System
State and Local Government
International Relations
Introduction to Psychology
Child Development
Developmental Psychology: Across the Life Span
Introduction to Sociology
Social Problems
Marriage and the Family
Introduction to Literature: Drama
Introduction to Literature: Novel
World Literature I
World Literature II
American Literature I
American Literature II
Modern American Novel
Introduction to Literature: Poetry
African American Literature
Literature of the East
Literature Into Film
Science Fiction Literature
Women in Literature
English Literature I
English Literature II
Aesthetic Appreciation
History of Graphic Design
Art and Culture
History of Art I
History of Art II
Survey of World Art
Topics in Contemporary Art
African American Art
Introduction to Dance and Culture
Introduction to Music
History of Jazz and Blues
History of American Pop Music
Music History and Literature I
Music History and Literature II
History of Photography
Introduction to Theatre
Theatre History - Classical to Elizabethan
Central Voices in World Drama
Introduction to Philosophy
Critical Thinking
Moral Choices
Eastern Philosophy
Philosophy of Politics
Religious Studies
Introduction to Religious Studies
Living World Religions
World Language
all American Sign Language courses
all Arabic courses
all Chinese courses
all French courses
all German courses
all Italian courses
all Japanese courses
all Latin courses
all Spanish courses
All courses in the Historical Perspective list below additionally qualify as Humanities general education.
Historical Perspective
History of Western Civilization to 1648
History of Western Civilization Since 1648
United States History to 1865
United States History Since 1865
African American History
World History to 1500
World History Since 1500
Twentieth-Century World History
The United States Since 1945
History of Latin America
History of American Women
Women in Antiquity
Early Modern Europe
Diversity and Global Perspective
Survey of World Art
African American Art
Global Environment of Business
Issues in Intercultural Communication in the United States
Gender and Communication
Introduction to Dance and Culture
World Literature I
World Literature II
African American Literature
Literature of the East
Women in Literature
Children's Literature
Post-Colonial Women Writers
African American History
World History to 1500
World History Since 1500
Twentieth-Century World History
The Holocaust and Other Genocides
History of Latin America
History of American Women
Women in Antiquity
Women in Europe Since 1500
Food and Culture
History of Jazz and Blues
History of American Pop Music
Eastern Philosophy
International Relations
Human Sexuality
Living World Religions
Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
Marriage and the Family
Racial, Ethnic, and Minority Groups
Central Voices in World Drama
Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
Seminar in Women's and Gender Studies