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Fashion Exhibition Provides Food For Thought and Feast for the Eyes


TRENTON – Drawing inspiration from such diverse sources as Greek goddesses and crime scene dramas, Mercer County Community College (MCCC) Fashion students put their talent and their imagination on display during an exhibition at MCCC’s James Kerney Campus (JKC).

“Murder shows inspired the aspect to go for sleek, but for someone who wants to be comfortable,” said Sherwin Kainer, a freshman Fashion Design student. “Almost like a villain.”

Kainer said from his first sewing class, he realized he had a lot to learn. But after doing some research, he determined he wanted to pursue a career in fashion design, focusing on men’s wear. He said he plans on transferring to a four-year university after graduating from Mercer.

Verity Gordon's exhibit, though, takes a completely different approach, as her inspiration was drawn from myth and fantasy. She is in her last semester at Mercer and will transfer to Moore College of Art and Design this fall.

“The ‘Goddess’ collection is inspired from Greek mythology, peacocks and exotic birds, and jewel-toned fabrics,” she said. “It represents a sophisticated woman who knows how to have fun.”

Gordon’s second collection, entitled “Alice in Wonderland,” was inspired by a recent movie based on the classic children’s novel.

“It combines an idea of the whimsical tale of Alice in Wonderland and brings it into more modern times,” she said.

Another example of Gordon’s work on display was a dress she said was inspired by MCCC’s 50th anniversary – a “very 1960s” style highlighted by Mercer’s school colors, gold and green.

“I am amazed at how talented our students are,” said Monica Weaver, dean and provost at JKC. “It’s great to connect with them and the Fashion program faculty.”

Melissa Zimberg, coordinator of MCCC’s Fashion Design program, said the showcase was an excellent example of what students accomplished during the academic year.

“I am very proud of all of the students, and how much they have grown all year,” she said. “I expect great things from all of them.”

Other Fashion students with work on display included Carol Florence, Catherine Gilchrist, Ashley Vause, Qaysean Williams, and Stephanie Young.



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Verity Gordon
Fashion Design student Verity Gordon displays her 1960s-style dress, inspired by MCCC's 50th anniversary. Gordon graduates this year and will transfer to the Moore College of Art and Design this fall.
Sherwin Kainer
Freshman Fashion Design student Sherwin Kainer with his "vision board" for his designs, inspired by crime-scene dramas.
Melissa Zimberg and Qaysean Williams
MCCC Fashion program coordinator Melissa Zimberg and student Qaysean Williams, who graduates in May. Williams has already started his own fashion design company, Manikin, LLC.