Curriculum Map

Courses to Program-Level SLOs

The Aviation Flight Technology curriculum prepares students to achieve the expected program-level student learning outcomes identified by the degree program. The following table demonstrates how learning activities in specific courses map to these learning outcomes.

  • List Program-Level Student Learning Outcomes (as they appear in the current college catalog):
    • Demonstrate the knowledge and skills required to obtain the private and commercial certificates and instrument rating, including aeronautical technical skills and decision-making, while demonstrating safety as their primary focus
    • Analyze the effects of social, political, and economic world events on air transportation and how this may impact the aviation industry and careers in aviation
    • Describe the events in the development of aviation to the present day and evaluate the impact of these events on today’s society
    • Demonstrate effective and correct written and verbal communication
    • Research and present information pertinent to their aviation discipline individually and in teams
    • Demonstrate an awareness of the ethical and professional issues associated with the aviation industry, including the importance of becoming a life-long learner in the aviation world
  • Include as "Required Courses" (Column 1) all courses in the discipline and those Gen Ed courses that align with program-level SLOs. (Add rows as necessary).
  • In the columns labeled PLO 1, PLO2, etc. cut and paste each program-level learning outcome from the list (#1 above).
  • Use the following key to indicate whether the program-level SLO is introduced, reinforced, or mastered and whether the program-level SLO is assessed in the course:
         I = Introduced
         R = Reinforced/Opportunity to practice
         M = Mastery at exit level
         A = Assessment evidence collected