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WWFM Listener Jennifer Vose Proves Commitment to
Music and Wellness with On-Air Segments


West Windsor, N.J. - Jennifer Vose and her husband, David, of Springfield, Mass., have immersed themselves in the world of classical music. One of their favorite stations - and places - is, in fact, WWFM The Classical Network at Mercer County Community College. As part of WWFM's base of sustaining members, they are enthusiastic listeners and come to campus to participate in the station's pledge drives.

They also make the four-hour trek from home to support the station in another way. Jennifer volunteers her time and knowledge to produce a weekly on-air health and wellness feature called Living Well. Legally blind, Jennifer says it's a personal calling to help enhance the well-being of the station's mainly adult audience. Her 90-second pieces run the gamut from getting good quality sleep to staying physically active. Segments on the benefits of healthy eating will run in the near future.

Listener Jennifer Vose in the WWFM studio

"I want to share health-related information people can really relate to," said Vose, a Ewing native who graduated from Rider University in 1997 with a bachelor's degree in psychology. She went on to Springfield College, earning a master's degree in exercise science and sports studies. Currently, she is an adjunct faculty member at Springfield College and New England College and expects to complete her doctoral dissertation in sports and exercise psychology in October.

"Living well is about so much more than just exercising," Vose says. "It's also about eating healthy, getting plenty of sleep, managing stress, and simply taking care of your well being. In my show, I try to provide listeners with facts, suggestions, and inspiring stories to help support their efforts to live well. In many ways, it should really be about what brings a person joy; sometimes this even involves incorporating classical music into things like exercise and stress management."

Last fall, Vose e-mailed her program concept to WWFM General Manager Peter Fretwell, who quickly embraced her idea. During Thanksgiving break, Jennifer and David returned to Central New Jersey not only to visit family, but also for Jennifer's first recording session at the WWFM studio. Now while in town, Vose usually records eight segments at a time, a process that takes about 90 minutes.

Because of her visual challenges, Jennifer researches and writes her scripts on her laptop, then has the computer read them back to her through ear buds while she records with Winifred Howard, a senior producer at WWFM. "Jennifer's program has progressed remarkably in just a couple of months," Howard said. "She has displayed an incredible learning curve for using radio effectively."

Every week, a Living Well segment airs on WWFM on Wednesday mornings and Friday evenings following the news and on the station's "JazzOn2" (HD Radio) 89.1 Wednesdays at noon and Saturday mornings.

Vose notes that as a youngster who heard classical music mainly in the dentist's office, she initially dismissed it as simply "not cool." A music appreciation course in college sparked her interest, along with frequent outings to skating rinks where classical music filled the air. Last year, she and David took up music lessons - Jennifer on viola and David on violin. "We're not very good yet," Jennifer admits.

Observes WWFM Program Director Alice Weiss, "It's really remarkable for younger professionals to embrace a classical station and staff like Jennifer and David have with WWFM. It has been heartwarming to see how our staff has reciprocated their enthusiasm and collegiality. Jennifer's program has quickly become very professional and polished. She is somebody to watch. She is going places."

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