MCCC Students Present Honors Science Projects


Three MCCC students presented their Biology and Chemistry Honors Research Projects before a group of students and faculty on May 8. The program, coordinated by Associate Professor of Chemistry Helen Tanzini and Associate Professor of Biology Diane Hilker, enables advanced students to pursue a semester of independent research under the guidance of faculty members from Mercer, Rider University and Princeton University.

Luis Reyes presented "Synthesis of a Pyrrole and its Role in Medicinal Chemistry" with Dr. Bruce Burnham at Rider University. The project involved creating new compounds that will be tested for anticancer activity.

From left, Luis Reyes, Ron Russell III, and
Catherine Robbins, Dr. Bruce Burnham of Rider University,
MCCC President Patricia Donohue, Dr. David Wood
of Princeton University, MCCC Assoc. Prof. Diane Hilker,
MCCC Dean Linda Martin, and MCCC Assoc. Prof. Helen Tanzini.

Catherine Robbins of Princeton presented "Organic Synthesis of Fluorescent Substrates for Transglutaminases" under the direction of Dr. David Wood at Princeton University. The research focuses on the design and creation of a compound that may be useful as a treatment for scaly skin disease.

Ron Russell III of Mercerville presented "Pickles in the Mud: Exploring the Winogradsky Column." This project, under the guidance of MCCC's Professor Hilker, illustrates the complex interaction between environmental conditions and microbial activities, and the role of soil enrichment in the isolation of pure bacterial cultures.

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