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Author Angela McGlynn Looks to Higher Education as Solution for Underserved and Nation as Whole


West Windsor, N.J. - There is much documented evidence that America is falling behind internationally. According to Angela Provitera McGlynn, of Kendall Park, N.J. (formerly of Princeton), professor emeritus of psychology at Mercer County Community College, the solution lies with higher education.

In her new book, Envisioning Equity: Educating and Graduating Low-income, First-generation, and Minority College Students, McGlynn sees the need to educate America's traditionally underserved populations as "the right thing to do - for these students as individuals and for our nation as a whole." The book will be published by Atwood Publishing in May.

McGlynn observes, "America's competitive edge is threatened. The reason is simple: too few Americans are earning postsecondary degrees, which are increasingly becoming pre-requisites to a middle-class life." She believes that educating more young people so that they will become productive citizens who can live comfortably and contribute positively should be a key goal for the nation.

"So, what can college professors do to promote academic success? What can college administrators and public policy makers do to get more students through the educational pipeline to a college degree?" McGlynn asks. These are the questions she tackles in her new book.

MCCC Professor Emeritus of Psychology
Angela Provitera McGlynn

In the first chapter, McGlynn examines demographic risk factors and college degree completion rates, state by state, and as compared to other countries. She then lays out strategies for teaching first generation and minority students, starting with establishing a positive environment from day one in the classroom, and for utilizing teaching methods that are interactive and learner-centered. She discusses the importance of assessment and ways to create a successful bridge between high school and college.

McGlynn, who retired from MCCC in 2006, is the author of three others books: Teaching Today's College Students: Widening the Circle of Success, Atwood Publishing, 2007; Successful Beginnings for College Teaching: Engaging Your Students from the First Day, Atwood Publishing, 2001; and Living With Yourself, Living With Others: A Woman's Guide, co-authored with Florence Rhyn Serlin, Prentice Hall, 1979.

An MCCC faculty member for 35 years, currently McGlynn is a national presenter on issues related to teaching, learning, and diversity, and a corporate trainer for Transformation Associates, LLC. She will be featured at the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity this summer in San Francisco , where she will discuss improving college graduation rates for low-income, first-generation, and minority students.

McGlynn has published numerous scholarly articles on a wide range of topics, including more than 120 articles for the journal, The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education. Her most recent article, published in the March 21 issue, is entitled "Divided We Fail," in which McGlynn discusses the work of Coleen Moore and Nancy Shulock of the Institute for Higher Education and Leadership Policy. In the article, McGlynn suggests way to improve community college graduation rates and close racial/ethnic achievement gaps based on Moore's and Shulock's research of the community college system in California.

McGlynn earned a B.A. in Psychology from Rutgers University, a Master's degree in Psychology from Temple University, and she studied towards a Ph.D. at The New School for Social Research in Manhattan. She was also the recipient of a National Endowment fellowship to study in Princeton University's doctoral psychology program. She holds a certificate in family therapy from Trinity Counseling Service in Princeton and previously practiced individual, group, relationship, and family therapy.

Among her MCCC publications are Celebrating Diversity: Enhancing Harmony on Campus; Teaching Tips: Improving College Instruction; and Classroom Atmosphere: Improving the Teaching/Learning Environment. Additionally, she published the Instructor's Manual accompanying Kagan and Havermann's Psychology: An Introduction, 5th edition, 1984.

For more information about McGlynn's new book, visit the Atwood Publishing website here or Professor McGlynn's website here.

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