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MCCC’s Win Howard and Judy Tomasetti
Honored at Employee Recognition Ceremony

West Windsor, N.J. – Two Mercer County Community College (MCCC) employees who are key college communicators – in their valued and distinctive ways – received special awards at Mercer's 2013 Employee Recognition Ceremony.

Winifred (“Win”) Howard, program manager for WWFM JazzOn2 and producer/engineer for WWFM the Classical Network, was honored with the college’s Community Service Award.  Switchboard operator Judy Tomasetti was the recipient of the Human Relations Award.  Both women are residents of Hamilton.

In presenting the award to Howard, MCCC President Patricia C. Donohue praised Howard’s contributions as an advisor and mentor to community volunteers who host shows on JazzOn2, as well as to student interns learning radio production.  Howard was also applauded for joining fellow organizers in starting the “Bring Back Trenton Campaign,” an initiative to promote the arts and music in Trenton.
“She truly embodies the spirit of Mercer County Community College in the community,” Dr. Donohue said.

Howard, who has worked at WWFM since 1997, carries out a variety of functions for both stations, producing “Dress Circle” and “Living Well” for WWFM, and overseeing a varied schedule of programming for JazzOn2, which went live in 2008.  When she was an MCCC student in the 1990s, she volunteered at the station, which led to her being hired there part-time and then full-time. Howard graduated from MCCC in 1998 with an Associate of Applied Science in TV and Radio (Radio concentration).

Howard is especially proud of her work with JazzOn2, whose headquarters moved to MCCC’s Trenton campus in 2010 to connect with the city’s rich jazz history.

According to Howard, who oversees as many as 20 guest hosts at one time, the musical programming runs the gamut. “We play jazz and blues, with a little gospel thrown in for good measure,” she said. She often receives new releases from record labels and performers.

In her work for JazzOn2, which emphasizes community building in addition to music, Howard airs public affair programming including Latino USA, 51% (featuring discussions from a woman’s perspective), Details (featuring items of local, regional and national interest), and Living Well.

The station can be heard on HD radios, via the Internet and through smart phone apps such as iTunes and TuneIn Radio.  Jazz fans can also tune in to the college’s television station, MCTV, which plays JazzOn2 in the background during announcements.

MCCC's 2013 Employee Recognition Awards went to switchboard operator Judy Tomasetti, left, and WWFM's Winifred Howard, right. They are pictured with President Patricia C. Dohonue.

Winifred Howard in the studio at WWFM.
Judy Tomasetti has a dual customer service role at her desk in the MCCC Welcome Center.

Tomasetti’s "A" grades for customer service led to her selection for the Employee Relations Award. In presenting the award, Dr. Donohue noted that Tomasetti “provides assistance to students, staff and the community in an untiring, courteous, polite and professional manner regardless of adversity.  She always welcomes everyone with a smile.”

Originally a mostly stay-at-home mom with a variety of part-time jobs, Tomasetti says she didn’t set out with a full-time career in mind.
With her children in school, she started working at Mercer in 1992 as a part-time cafeteria cashier on the West Windsor campus. 

“I loved it,” Tomasetti says, recalling her friendly interactions with staff and students.

When she applied for a full-time job as a switchboard operator several years later, the college still relied on one main phone number and the operators were front and center in answering questions and transferring callers to departments throughout the college.

“I learned a new job. I worked with older ladies who trained me.  And, I heard all their stories.  We were a nice little family,” Tomasetti recalls.

In 2010 the college underwent major renovations and opened its Welcome Center.  The phone system also changed, with phone extensions replaced by direct phone numbers for most employees.  Tomasetti’s department was a big part of the change, relocating to a desk in the new center, along with Security.

There, the operators have taken on an even larger customer service role, greeting visitors upon entering the building, many of whom are on campus for the first time.

“We are the face of the college,” Tomasetti says.

With her institutional knowledge spanning 20 years, Tomasetti feels especially qualified to handle the role. “We are the first ones people talk to when they come in the door or call our main phone number.  We truly try to help everyone.  We don’t just pass them along.  We try to connect them with the right person.  We all work together and we are all in it for the students,” she says.

Originally from South Philadelphia, Tomasetti moved to Hamilton in 1973, where she raised three children with her husband of 43 years.  All three of her children attended Mercer before transferring to four-year colleges for their bachelor’s degrees.

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