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Honors Student Dan Toth Hits “Reset Button” as He Excels at Mercer and Prepares for Transfer to Drew University


West Windsor, N.J. – Given the trend in many professions – when a bachelor’s degree may not be enough for professional success – Dan Toth did the math.

The Honors Education major, who finished up his studies at Mercer County Community College this month, notes, “Many people are deciding that a bachelor's degree is no longer good enough.  Pursuing higher degrees will cost more money.  People should always consider an institution such as Mercer to save money during the undergraduate experience.”

As it turned out, cost was just one benefit for Toth.  He says his Mercer experience was a quality one all around.  “Mercer is a great college if you use all the resources available to you.”

He singles out the Mercer Honors Program for special praise. “The professors are great and the experience will prepare you for a four-year institution.  And, you get to do all of this while saving money.”

Dan Toth

Originally concentrating on Education, Toth’s honors classes piqued his interest in Psychology, Sociology, Human Development and more.  “These are subjects I never originally thought would captivate me as strongly as they did,” he observes.

Fueled by his new academic interests, Toth plans to broaden his scope when he transfers to Drew University – with a substantial scholarship – in January.  He is considering double-majoring in Psychology and Neuroscience, with a minor in Sociology.

According to Toth, the Honors Program at Mercer was nothing short of fantastic.  “You feel the difference. The honors classes are small, interactive and engaging, and challenge you to think more critically in general,” he says.

He notes that as an honors student, he became part of a community of learners. “Most of my friends at Mercer were from these classes. We were a close family of students focused on achieving academic success.”
Toth recalls that while still in high school, he was weighing acceptance to a four-year school to study music.  “I had to sit down and think really hard about whether to spend a lot of money on those first two years or to go to Mercer first and ‘find myself’ as a student.  I can tell you right now, I am extremely happy that I decided to attend MCCC.”

For Toth, saving during the first two years of college has turned into saving over the course of four years.  “Now, I am leaving MCCC to attend Drew with a large amount of scholarship money, thanks to my membership in the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and my high GPA at Mercer.”

Toth unreservedly recommends that others consider the same path.  “I highly encourage people to attend MCCC, especially if they are unsure of what they want to pursue.  They can discover who they are as students and do so at a significantly lower cost.”

Acknowledging that he did not reach his potential in high school, Toth says that Mercer gave him a second chance. “Mercer has allowed me to ‘reset’ my academic profile, which has opened so many new doors for me.  There are great opportunities for students at Mercer.  You just have to take advantage of them all!”

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