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Turn Up the Heat at MCCC Culinary Center this Fall

West Windsor, N.J. - Even the most experienced cooks can learn new tricks at the Mercer County Community College Culinary Center this fall. Chefs Frank Campione, Bill Conrad, Beth Dinice, Lawrence Frazer, Carol Maxwell, Mamta Puri, Benson Yu, and MCCC's very own hospitality programs coordinator Doug Fee will offer a variety of demonstration and hands-on courses emphasizing fresh ingredients, international cuisines and festive holiday preparation from appetizers to desserts. Presented through the MCCC Center for Continuing Studies, classes are held in the evenings and on weekends on Mercer's West Windsor campus, 1200 Old Trenton Road.

Many courses are back by popular demand, while others are brand new. "Culinary 101," taught by Chef Conrad, continues to be a primer of culinary knowledge for those who want to get truly comfortable in the kitchen. The series includes "Knife Skills" on Sept. 11 and again on Oct. 23; "Knife Skills II" (new) on Oct. 23; "Soups On!" Oct. 9; "Meats" Nov. 6; and "Fish" Nov. 13.

Italian is a theme throughout the fall. Chef Campione presents "Quick and Easy Homemade Pizza" (new) on Sept. 25 and "How to Make Fresh Homemade Italian Cheeses" Oct. 16. Chef Frazer prepares the perfect pasta dinner with "Playing with Pasta" Oct. 22, while Chef Campione is back in the kitchen on Oct. 30 with "Dolci, Dolci, Italian Desserts" (new) and "Italian Wine and Dinner Pairings" on Nov. 13. His focus on all-food Italian continues as the holidays approach, with "Traditional Italian Christmas Desserts" (new) on Dec. 4 and "Traditional Italian Christmas Eve Fish Dinner" Dec. 11.

Chef Fee works his magic with convenient, cost-saving meals in "What a Crock!" on Oct. 15, while Chef Frazer presents the secrets to a great sauce, including heart healthy substitutes, in "From Sauce to Salsa" Nov. 5.

Two classes bring parents and their children into the kitchen. For the first time, Chef Frazer will present a demonstration class, "Cooking For and With Your Child with Autism: Gluten and Casein Free Cooking," on Oct. 1. Parents and children will also enjoy "Crazy for Cupcakes - Parent and Child Workshop" on Oct. 8, presented by Chef Maxwell.

Chef Yu will reveal secrets for preparing a fabulous buffet in his two-part series, "Buffet 101 Cold Food Station" on Sept. 26 and "Buffet 102 Hot Food" on Oct. 24. Chef Yu offers more creative cuisine with "Thailand" on Oct. 10, the new "International Smoke House and Pickling" on Nov. 7, and "Sushi 101: Colorful and Fun Sushi" on Nov. 21.

More international cuisine is in store with Chef Puri's new classes, "Fritters, Fried Bread and Chutney Authentically India" on Sept. 24 and "Smooth to Crisp….Authentically India" on Dec. 10.

Popular wine enthusiast and educator Bruce Smith presents four new classes: "ABC - Anything But Cabernet" on Sept. 15, "Wines from Paso Robles" on Sept. 22, "Old World vs. New World" on Sept. 29, and "Champagne and Other Sparkling Wine" on Oct. 6.

The Culinary Center bustles with activity as the holidays approach. Chef Dinice presents "Holiday Candymaking" on Oct. 30 and "More Holiday Candymaking" (new) Nov. 20. Chef Maxwell will prepare delightful goodies in "Holiday Gifts from Your Kitchen!" (new) on Oct. 29 and "Thanksgiving Pie Workshop" (new) on Nov. 19.

For more information or to register for these and other classes offered through MCCC's Center for Continuing Studies, call (609) 570-3311 or click here.

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